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Vegan Friendly New Home Gift Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Moving home is one of the most stressful times for everyone involved in the process. The chances are every time you’ve seen your friend in the past few months they’ve been looking pretty frazzled, and constantly trying to remember a never ending to do list. Now they’re at the good part: they’re unpacking the last few boxes and finally getting ready to settle down in their new home. For your vegan friends there are plenty of housewarming gifts you can give them to welcome them home, and which will fit right in with their lifestyle.

Post a Card
These days posting mail may seem like a thing of the past, but there is something to be said for upholding this tradition. When your friend gets their first pieces of mail and sees their name and address right next to each other, it can make the whole move seem so much more real to them. It gives them the gratification that it’s no longer just a house, it’s their home. Card Factory offer a fantastic range of New Home cards, you’re bound to find the right one to send to your friend.

Vegan Cookbook
Whether your friend is practically a professional chef, or still finding confidence in the kitchen, a vegan cookbook can be a fantastic gift for them. It gives them a chance to experiment with new recipes, and perhaps discover their new favourite dish. On the other hand, it can help them get more comfortable in the kitchen with step-by-step guides on how to prepare vegan friendly meals. The Independent suggest their top range of vegan cook books. Either way it gives your friend a perfect excuse to host a dinner party, and get to grips with their new kitchen.

Spice Rack
Unsurprisingly, a couple of this vegan-friendly gift ideas are inspired by the kitchen. Afterall, that’s the room in the house where their lifestyle has the most impact. A spice rack is a welcome addition to any home, they can immediately make a kitchen feel more lived in. I can liven up dishes they’ve had forever. Your friend can hone their cooking skills, or the two of you could even cook something together.

Cruelty Free Product
Taking a step back from the kitchen, what else can you get your vegan friend for their new home? After all being a vegan is not just about a diet, but choosing cruelty free products, too. This can cover a wide range of stuff: from conditioner to cleaning products. So why not put together a hamper for your friend? Packed full of products which are environmentally and animal friendly. You could even throw in a couple of pampering products, too. Your friend could definitely do with a home spa session after all that moving stress!

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