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How to Avoid Paying Full Price for All of Your Online Purchases

by Jessica Amey

Online shopping is incredibly convenient for everyone, but did you know that we often pay a little extra for that added convenience? Whether it’s expensive shipping costs or hidden “fees” that aren’t disclosed, we can often end up paying a little more for online products than we would in store. For instance, digital copies of music and video games can often be more expensive than their real-world counterparts despite not actually requiring any manufacturing. However, there are a couple of ways to beat the system and always ensure that you’re never paying full for anything over the internet.

Whether it’s purchasing the next big toy for your child or just saving money on your next online grocery delivery, here are a couple of ways to avoid paying full price for all of your online purchases.

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1. Always shop around and never buy from a single store

Although you may be tempted to make all of your purchases from the same place, it’s a good idea to never stick with just a single store because there could be hundreds of sites out there that offer the same or similar products but at a largely discounted price. Store loyalty doesn’t make much sense on the internet because prices always fluctuate and there aren’t many loyalty schemes that are worth your time, so always shop around and consider your options before making any kind of purchase.

2. Never make a purchase that isn’t discounted

Thanks to sites like NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, there’s almost no reason to ever pay full price for something. Unless you’re buying the very latest iPad or something directly from a manufacturer, there’s likely some kind of coupon or discount available on the internet that will help you shave off a significant chunk of money on any purchase. This is a great way to never pay full for an item or service and you’ll save a lot of money over the year by just looking for discount codes. Just remember that a lot of coupon sites are malicious and will ask for money or try and infect your computer with spyware, so only rely on trusted sites for your coupon codes.

3. Look for the source of a product

If you’re shopping around relatively unknown stores, then a great way to ensure that you’re not paying full or more for a product is to look for the source of a product. There are many drop shipping websites out there that are simply storefronts for overseas manufacturers. These sites offer cheap and often low-quality products created in overseas factories and ship them to customers abroad, but the entire site is set up to seem like the company manufactures or has them in stock in the country. In reality, the products are being shipped from much further away and they mark up the prices to make a profit on each sale. This is often true for sites like Wish which advertise all sorts of items, but in reality, you can get them for even cheaper directly from the manufacturer which can be found by just doing a simple search on Google.

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