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Should Learning To Use Tech Be A Part Of Your Homeschooling?

by Jessica Amey

If you’ve chosen to homeschool your kids, then you’re the one in charge of what they learn and how they learn it. Of course, there’s many homeschooling syllabuses out there for you to follow, but ultimately, it’s up to you to tweak and change as you see fit. If you’ve got a child who doesn’t learn by sitting and listening, for example, then you’re going to want to include more practical elements within your lessons!

But concerning the content of your lessons, how do you feel about the inclusion of some technology? After all, it’s a big part of our modern world, and your children are going to grow up with the golden era of the digital age; should they learn how to approach this world whilst they’re young? Let’s have a think about that.

Most People Will Own a Laptop
What with mostly everything becoming digital, and more and more schools and universities taking their courses online, even educational purposes are centred around owning a computer and connecting it to the internet. Computers help us to complete tasks faster, and to keep all of our resources in one place, especially when it comes to studying.

You’re probably going to buy your kids their own laptops one day, so it’s a good idea to teach them the pros and cons of computer use, and extended time on them. Sprinkling tech time rules and regulations into your home lessons can be a good form of discipline!

Even Phones Can Be Complicated
Kids are getting their first phone earlier and earlier these days, and they can have a huge impact on a child’s schooling experience. A lot of parents have opinions on banning phones from schools, or making sure kids aren’t allowed to use them during school hours, but that doesn’t stop a kid from slipping a phone into their school bag just before they go off for the day.

And it’s because of this everpresence that teaching your kids how to use their phones properly might be worth the time and effort. Phones are getting more and more complicated nowadays, considering how much they’re capable of, and almost every single model has data to use when an internet connection isn’t nearby. They’re a source of entertainment, and even people under 15 reach for them when they’re bored.

So, maybe you should think about showing your students how to change Apple ID password, or how to download safely from the Apple or Google Play store. Kids love to borrow your phone to play on the gaming apps, after all! Whilst you’re at it, it can certainly save you money down the line if you teach them not to buy into microtransactions, and that the data on your phone has a limited use.

Learning to use technology is very important, and learning at a young age means we hold onto the information a lot better! So give it a think for your own homeschool plans – tech can be a great tool, in moderation.

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