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Tyre Safety Tips

by Jessica Amey

I have to admit that I am rubbish with my car maintenance and leave it all to Matt as he works with cars and knows a lot about them. In the same way he will leave the grocery shopping down to me.

I do take in the things he says though and have an idea about the important things to remember to keep your car safe. Checking oil and tyre pressures regularly etc.

Your tyres are obviously hugely important when it comes to how your car drives so there are a few things you can do to make sure they are how they need to be..

Check them frequently
I have had a couple of flat tyres before, once when I drove over some glass in a car park and didn’t realise until a few hours later when someone came over to me and told me my tyre was completely flat, I had’t even realised!! So now I am always checking my tyres as I am worried it will have happened again.

Check the air pressure
I’ve had a couple of slow punctures before and they required me to pump them up more frequently. Tyre pressures have a big impact on how your car drives, if they are over, or under inflated it can affect fuel consumption and how well they grip the road. You need to find out the optimum tyre pressure for your car (it will tell you in the car’s handbook) to put into the machine which means you won’t over inflate them when pumping up.

Check the tread depth
Tyres with a tread depth below 1.6mm are illegal and need to be changed. It’s dangerous to drive a car with a tread depth below and a car will fail it’s MOT because of it. You can buy tyres online and get them fitted locally at Elite Direct Tyres.

Book an appointment with a professional if you have a problem
Once we had issues with a slow puncture fairly recently after having a tyre fitted, Matt checked it and couldn’t see any issues so we took it into see a professional who discovered it hadn’t been sealed properly, he was able to just fix it without it needing another new tyre.

Drive carefully
Hitting curbs or banging into things can affect your tracking (wheel alignment) and the condition of your tyres so try to drive as carefully as possible. If you do hit anything then inspect them carefully for signs of damage.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful.

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