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The Top 3 Ways To Make A Great Cup Of Tea While Traveling

by Jessica Amey

We all love preparing a good cup of tea every now and then. It calms our nerves, relieves stress and leaves us feeling relaxed. Brewing your favourite brand of tea isn’t always easy, especially when you’re traveling. It’s appalling how we occasionally disregard the small joys in life; the warmth of the summer sun, the subtle gestures of kindness from loved ones, an affectionate hug from a friend, or that refreshing cup of tea that keeps you motivated. You needn’t feel unnerved for lacking your tantalizing tea while on the go.

Here are 3 ways you can still brew delicious tea while traveling:

  1. Buy your tea in sachets

Purchasing full leaf sachets is a great idea for individuals who regularly travel. These sachets normally contain high-grade loose leaf tea that is held in bigger bags. This allows proper expansion, percolation and infusion of the tea. Tea bags, on the other hand, contain tea dust and fannings. These ingredients aren’t quite appropriate if you want to brew high quality tea (they are regarded the lowest tea grades). When you arrive at your hotel room, look around for a coffee maker or a water dispenser. These machines comes in handy when you need to boil water urgently. When your water is hot enough, put your tea sachet in a cup, infuse it and enjoy your tea.

  1. Invest in a good tea mug

If you travel frequently and enjoy drinking tea, purchase a good quality spill-proof tea mug. This way, you can easily carry the tea-filled mug inside your bag without having to worry about staining your clothes and personal effects. The mug has to be properly insulated to ensure that your hot tea remains hot and your iced tea stays cool for hours. If you get a tea mug with an inbuilt strainer basket, choose it. This particular kind of mug allows you to enjoy the richer loose leaf tea while simplifying the process of straining and cleaning. Owning a tea mug will allow you to drink up as you head to the airport or bus station, then fill it up with hot water just before you set off. This is one of the best hacks to brew tea while travelling.

  1. Get a small heating coil

You’re probably wondering why you’d need a heating coil during your travel, considering that most restaurants and cafes provide hot water at absolutely no cost. Carrying a heating coil is also a tad extraneous since majority of hotel rooms have coffee makers. But if you loathe the smell and taste of coffee, you won’t enjoy drinking tea that tastes like coffee (however slightly). The lightweight heating coil is therefore a wise investment for those tea purists who have a very particular palate. Prices start from as low as $8. You’ll love how effective this compact heating appliance will be.

Implement these 3 tips to ensure that you always have a hot cup of your favourite tea at the ready.

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