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Dreaming Of A Loft Conversion

by Jessica Amey

If I could choose one thing to do to our home right now it would be a loft conversion. After moving house about 18 months ago we feel really settled and at home, we live on a street with some lovely people and there is a real community feel, plus the kids have made so many friends. The only downside is our house is a bit on the small side.

Every time we put something up in our loft we say how well it would work as an extra room though, it’s a really good size and would make a perfect extra room. It could either be a bedroom, playroom or if I had my way then it would be a craft workshop. I think that is something we are missing from our house now, a space where we can craft and where the kids can play without taking over the rest of the living space. For instance our living room is always covered in my crochet projects and yarn as well as loads of toys which the kids have brought downstairs.

Here are some awesome loft conversion ideas that I found on Pinterest, the swing is a super cool idea and the kids would love it. Although I’m not sure how safe it would be when my two get going on it, they will probably pull the whole house down!!

I love the look of the white office, it looks like a really bright space to work and I can imagine having a craft area on the other side of the room.

The shared bedroom below looks like a great way of having your kids share a room whilst also have their own space.

Adding a hanging rail to the sloping walls would work well as you wouldn’t have to worry about fitting a wardrobe into the space.

Then lastly the wooden built-in bed looks so cosy.




Obviously one of the most important things when converting a loft is working out what kind of windows to put it, letting in lots of natural light important to choosing the right roof windows is a big decision. The Roof Window Store have lots of help and advice on their website to make sure you choose one that is right for your room.

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