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Taking The Pain Out Of Tidying Up

by Jessica Amey

When you look at the home of a family versus that of a couple without children, you will very quickly notice some major differences. The biggest of these will be the chaos which comes with having kids. Mess and discord reign supreme and a lot of moms and dads will struggle to cope with the work they’ve given themselves. Of course, though, when something is hard, it can usually be made easier, and that is exactly what this post is going to be helping you with.

Make Tidying Up A Habit

When tidying up becomes a habit it’s less likely to be forgotten. For example if you always put everything away after making a sandwich then you will be less likely to just leave the kitchen a mess. Making it a habit to put away their toys before they move onto something else is a great way to keep the place looking good. Most children won’t care about the mess of a room so by making it a habit it will become something that they will hopefully do without thinking about it.

Make it a game

If you have two or more children then turn it into a competition to see who can tidy up their toys the fastest, this works a treat with my two as they always want to be the winner.

Threaten to get out the hoover

This is a bit on the mean side but if we have Lego all over our floor and no-one is wanting to pick it up then threatening to get out the hoover means that’s it’s all picked up before I’ve even plugged it in!

Offer to help

I have had to accept with my two that sometimes the only way they will tidy up is if I help them do it.

Use The Right Storage

Along with giving your kids a reason to keep things tidy, you should also think about the ways you can make it easier for them. When children don’t have enough storage space to keep their belongings, they will almost certainly end up in a big mess for you to clear up. Thankfully, children’s storage furniture come in loads of shapes and sizes, nowadays, and you will almost certainly be able to find something which works for your little one. Of course, though, it might take some research.

Choosing Toys

Finally, it’s time to think about the toys you choose for your child, and the impact this can have on the ease you find in keeping the place tidy is massive. Some toys will be much easier to put away than others. When you are choosing and buying them, this should always be on your mind and is a major selling point when you’re comparing items. Along with this, they have to be options your child will enjoy, or there would be no point.

This post should give you all of the help you need to start making a real impact on the time you spend tidying after your child. As they get older, it should get easier and easier to handle this work, as your kid will become more independent. Of course, though, until then, you have to work harder to ensure your house isn’t swamped by toys!

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