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What Is The Food Of Love?!

by Jessica Amey

With Valentine’s Day coming up a lot of people are choosing to stay in and cook their favourite meal over going out to a restaurant. Since having kids it’s the only option for us and to be honest I think it’s nicer to stay in and have a romantic meal at home sometimes over going out. I tend to avoid places when I know they will be busy and on Valentine’s Day restaurants are usually heaving, there is nothing fun about sitting a noisy restaurant.

Plus staying in saves money, even if you decide to splash out and some yummy treats that you might not usually spend money on. This infographic by Hello Fresh shows that 70% of couples are planning to stay in over going out so what will they be eating?

Well apparently the most popular food is steak and chips which obviously we don’t eat because we’re vegan, luckily Matt is too because I’m pretty sure we would end up having a Valentine’s Day argument if he wanted to eat steak and chips!! We would definitely go for a nice veggie burger and chips though. Apparently 72% of us think that Valentine’s Day is more romantic if our OH’s cook for us, this is definitely not the case for us! Since we turned vegan Matt hasn’t really done any cooking and as a result doesn’t really know how to cook any good meals, I’m sure he could manage a basic meal but I have turned into a bit of a control freak when it comes to how food is cooked so generally prefer to just do it myself!

We do have a deal though, I cook and he gives the kids their bath, a job I don’t like doing!

Spicy curry and lasagne are 2nd and 3rd on the list, I love curry but Matt doesn’t but lasagne we do both like and it’s really simple to make a vegan alternative so that would definitely be an option for us.

Chocolate is also another Valentine’s Day essential, it came top of the foodie turn on results too with 38% of the votes.

Funnily enough beans were top of the foodie turn offs with 35% of the votes, we are vegan so do love beans!

If you want to see all the other results then do pop over and check out the infographic, the link is further up in the post.

stats provided by HelloFresh

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