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Horse Races That Can’t Be Missed

by Jessica Amey

When it comes to horse racing, the sporting calendar is full of spectacular events that simply cannot be missed, or it would be a shame, whether you are getting dressed up to attend the races or gather with friends and family to watch it from the comfort of your front room. Whichever way you watch them, you will not be sorry for getting in on the action, from supporting your favourites to placing bets and wagers to get involved in the action first-hand, the sport is notorious for its close link to the betting industry and has become a ritual for many to place bets on the big races each year. Let’s take a look at the horse races that can’t be missed.

Royal Ascot
Horse racing has always had a reputation throughout history as an upper-class sport and although that is not the case and is inclusive to anybody to enjoy, no event captures the prestige and class quite like Royal Ascot. Ascot was opened by Queen Ann in 1711 and has since become one of the leading UK horse races in which still holds strong ties to the royal family today as they have been known to attend the annual race and Queen Elizabeth herself has entered her personal horses in to compete.

The decorum of the event is upheld by the rules set in place, yet another factor that makes the vent so special and the most famous of which is the dress code that visitor must adhere to when attending. These rules include…
● Women’s dresses must be just above the knee or longer
● Dress or top straps must be thicker than an inch – strapless or spaghetti straps are prohibited
● Suits must be full length and of matching material
● Hats should be worn or head-bands with a base of larger than 4-inches
● Midriffs must be covered

The Grand National
In the world of horse racing, the Grand National is one of the most recognised events for many reasons, such as being the event with the largest purse in Europe – £1 million. Its popularity also stems from the excitement that viewers experience whist watching the races as the track is notoriously difficult, stretching over 4 and a half miles with 30 fences for
competitors to clear across the two laps of each race. With over 600 million viewers from all over the world, the 20 races over the three-day event show just how unmissable the event truly is for both avid fans and simply those that enjoy spectating.

Cheltenham Festival
The second richest horse racing event in the UK, second only to the Grand National, Cheltenham is one of the most beloved races in the UK. Cheltenham spans across four days and has built a reputation for having an atmosphere like no other, even earning itself a name – the “Cheltenham roar”. This roar refers to the tremendous amount of noise made by the
crowds when the flag rises and the first race of the festival begins.

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