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Co-Sleeping? Why A King Size Mattress Could Be The Solution To Your Kid’s (And Your) Sleep Problems

by Jessica Amey

The family bed may be a little old fashioned in Western countries, but some still swear by it.

Commonly, a child’s sleep problems come from fears of being left alone. By adopting a family bed, families can circumvent this difficulty with sleep some kids have, which usually results in many lost hours of sleep for children and parents alike.

Research suggests that kids and parents who co-sleep report better quality and longer sleep, as well as benefits to the child’s emotional development. However, as a precaution, ensure the sleep practices are safe and that the child is of appropriate age; the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) is strongly against this practice if your child is a small infant. If there are three of you in a bed, you’ll want a big mattress, which is where the much-coveted king size mattress comes into play.

For children who suffer with poor sleep, night terrors or maybe if they’re just a bit ill, then a king size mattress can be a blessing. Even if your child only co-sleeps on the rare occasion, you’ll see the benefits with the extra space. If a kid suffers from any of the above ailments, then allowing them to
sleep alone isn’t necessarily the tough love that is needed; at least with a king size bed, families have the option of looking after their kids should troubles arise.

The major benefit for a king size bed is extra space. For pets and kids, this means the bed can become more of a morning or evening social area, without being too cramped. There’s enough room to cuddle up, read a book or watch a film. By providing a new social space, this can improve how your child interacts with the family home, as well as teaching them important lessons related to social etiquette and sharing a space. The night-time benefit is obvious, as families who co-sleep report less insomnia-related trouble, especially with the extra room the king size mattress brings.

By prioritising good quality sleep, you and your children will be less stressed, in better health and will reap the benefits of improved performance in work and school. For those with kids on the way, then the king size mattress is perfect for mothers who are nursing a baby bump. The extra space, comfort and springs in the bed provide ample support without space- related issues (i.e. pushing the father off the bed). This support and space ensures expectant mothers can get enough sleep and rest, particularly at the end of a pregnancy where saving energy is essential.

The other benefits of the king-sized mattress could then benefit the whole family, including excellent lumbar support, alleviation of back problems and the ability to sleep in your desired position. Should you suffer with restless sleep, too, the added space will avoid you from waking up your partner or child, too.

Co-sleeping is still very much a product of the past and isn’t for all families. It comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but at least a king size bed leaves you with the co-sleeping option. Too many families can relate to the common issue of a child waking up in the night from a nightmare and refuses to settle back down. A king size bed allows parents an easy avenue to allay these sleep- related frustrations. Even if your child rarely wants to co-sleep, you’ll be thankful for the added benefits a king size bed brings.

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