Egg Carton Crafts: How To Make Jewelry Boxes

Egg Carton Crafts: How To Make Jewelry Boxes

Egg carton crafts:

Jewelry Boxes…

You will need:
– Egg Cartons
– Paint
– Glue
– Glitter / Tissue Paper / Sequins / Silver Foil

We always have lots of egg cartons lying around, mainly due to the fact that we eat A LOT of cakes and pancakes.

I hate throwing them away so we decided to turn some of them into jewellery boxes.

I started by letting Cherry paint them.

egg carton crafts

egg carton crafts

egg carton crafts - jewelry boxes

Then we stuck lots of tissue paper and silver foil on them to decorate.

egg carton crafts

eg carton jewelry box

Cherry made these all by herself.

Egg Box Crafts

egg cartons to jewelry boxes

egg carton jewelry box

Cherry is a typical girl and has loads of jewelry so once the egg cartons were dry she loaded them up with it all.

If you like egg carton crafts then check out this post by Red Ted Art, it’s full of some great ideas.

  1. Jenny

    4 December

    What a lovely idea. Fun and recycles. Who could ask for more. I can’t wait for my two to get older to do more crafty painting fun projects with. Will definitely keep this one on my list. Thank you.

  2. Carie

    4 December

    What a fantastic idea – I’ll have to do this with Kitty some time, she would just love it!

  3. Hurrah For Gin

    4 December

    I love them! We would have to make them into vehicles and then stamp on them in our house though 🙂

  4. Circus Queen

    5 December

    I need a heart-shaped hole puncher! Those look a bit Eastery too.

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