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Fun Craft Ideas For Kid’s Bedrooms

by Jessica Amey

Cherry and I love crafting and for years now her room has always been adorned with the things either I, or she, has made.

Making your own decorations can add a really personal feel to a bedroom and make it look so bright and colourful. Making things yourself means you can choose colours to match the theme of the room and tailor it to your own tastes.

So in this post I’m going to show you lots of ideas for crafty creations for your kid’s bedrooms. Some are child-friendly and some are projects you can work on in the evenings.

First up are these Paw Patrol dreamcatchers that I made for the kids last Xmas. You could make any characters from their favourite telly show. Obviously you need to be able to crochet for these and unfortunately I didn’t write up a pattern as I just freestyled them by looking at the pictures and trying to copy them in a crocheted form so they aren’t perfect but they don’t need to be, kids will love them!

Next up is this scary doll garland, we made this at Halloween a few years ago but kept it up as the kids love it.

These embroidered cork mats also look good hanging on the wall and are a nice way to display your children’s artwork.

These shell people look nice hanging up and they are really fun to make, you can collect shells on the beach or buy some online. To hang them you could just use the glue gun to stick to sting to the back of their heads then hang them on hooks.

Then you can also decorate their beds, depending on the type. Ours have bunk beds but they are actually apart right now and we use them as single beds. The kids have quite a big room and have always preferred to sleep in them as separate beds instead of together. It would be really useful if they had a children’s mid sleeper cabin bed like these from Children’s Bed Shop – I especially love the grey one, then it’s still like they have their own bed but there is loads of storage underneath. I think cabin beds make the best use of space and it’s exciting for kids to climb up a little ladder to get in. You can even get tents to go on top of underneath to make them even more fun.

They are also good for hanging bunting and garlands on.

This packing peanut flower garland would look really pretty hanging on the end of a cabin bed.

These stick flowers would really brighten up the corner of the room, you can put them in a vase like real flowers.

And lastly, again you need to be able to crochet for this, but we have lots of bright and colourful crocheted wall hangings on the wall in the kid’s bedroom. I’m actually planning to write up the patterns for them soon. If you can’t crochet then you could always try weaving instead, there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these crafty ideas to decorate a kid’s bedroom. I’ve linked to the tutorials in each description, most of them are on my craft blog but a couple are on here.

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