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DIY Wimbledon Themed Garlands For Tennis Fans

by Jessica Amey

You know summer has arrived when Wimbledon starts. I have so many memories of watching tennis on hot sunny days, unfortunately hot sunny days seem to be nothing but a distant memory this year but I’m still hopeful that things will improve. We haven’t even had one really hot day yet, we actually lit our fire last week as it’s been so cold in the house. And I’m seriously considering unpacking all my winter clothes but I guess that’s summer in the UK for you!

I just wanted to post here and let you know that I have created a couple of Wimbledon themed garlands for the Christy Towels blog, the tutorial shows you how to make a felt strawberry garland and a tennis racket garland. They are both really simple and would make great decorations for any parties or BBQs you are having during the Wimbledon season.







If you would like to see the full tutorial then you can find it HERE.

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