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How To Make A Beach Hut Out Of Lolly Sticks

by Jessica Amey

We’ve finally got around to doing some crafting again this week, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. We’ve also had time to sit down at the table with some paint, and glitter, which the kids have been really happy about. Tiger made me three sparkly poo paintings, the colour was very realistic as he had mixed together every shade of paint to make the perfect shade of brown!

Inspired by the gorgeous beach huts down at our local beach I decided to make one out of wooden lolly sticks to hang on the wall in our bathroom. It’s really simple to make and you can paint it any colours you like.

For this beach hut craft you will need:
– Wooden lolly sticks (I used wide ones and normal ones)
– Glue gun
– Acrylic paint
– Mod Podge (optional)

Start by making the shape of your beach hut, I used 8 wide sticks for the main hut then 5 normal size ones for the door and 2 for the roof.


I also used two wide ones at the back to hold it all together. I used these sticks to glue the main hut shape onto.


Then I glued the door sticks on and the roof using the glue gun. Then I painted it, I used different bright colours but you could do it any way you like, painting it all the same colour would be the easiest option. Then once the paint has dried you can coat it with Mod Podge, this is optional but it’s a good way of protecting it.

Then you can hang it up…



Our bathroom is still a work in progress at the moment, I’ve finished painting it but it needs a bath putting back in as there is a wet room in here at the moment which I’m not a fan of. We need to choose a bath and I would love a huge whirlpool style one like some of these by SuperBath but given the small space we will probably just have to go for a standard one, either way I’m looking forward to having one again. We only had a bath in our last house and it was my favourite time of day, I find baths so relaxing and really miss not having one although showers are definitely easier when it comes to washing hair.

The rest of the house is slowly getting there too, I just can’t relax until all the jobs that need doing are done so am on a mission to sort it as soon as possible. We have a problem with our sofa as the corner style that worked in our old living room doesn’t work at all here, we currently have it in two halves on each side of the room! And we don’t have a bed frame yet as our old one was for a king size bed and falling apart so we chucked it out with the plan to buy a new one but the problem with having a super king mattress is that frames for it are super expensive. Mr C is planning to make one but I’m not sure how long that will take and I am super impatient. I’m sure we will get there eventually though, before the end of the summer so I get some time to enjoy it!

Collaborative post.

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