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5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Borrowing Money

by Jessica Amey

Some people will tell you that borrowing money is always a bad idea, but that’s not the case. There are some situations where you will need to borrow money, whether it’s to buy a house or a car or deal with an unexpected bill. That’s fine, as long as you borrow money in the right way and avoid some of the big pitfalls. These are the biggest borrowing mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Living On Credit Cards 
Sometimes, life throws you a curveball and your monthly expenses outweigh your earnings. In that case, you might need to put some things on credit cards so you can make sure that you pay all of your bills on time. But a lot of people end up living on their credit cards and using them to top up their earnings every month. This isn’t a good way to handle your money because you are paying off the balance and then spending it again straight away, which means you are always wasting money on interest payments. If you find that you always need to borrow at the end of every month, you need to rethink your budget and start living within your means. That might mean cutting out some luxuries, but it’s the only way to avoid the cycle of debt. 

Borrowing Money For Non-Essentials
There are certain situations when borrowing money is the best option, but there are plenty of situations when it isn’t. If you are maxing your credit cards out every month buying luxuries like clothes or takeaways, you will land yourself in financial trouble for no good reason. It’s okay to take out a loan in an emergency if there are expenses like home repairs that can’t wait, for example. But before you take out any loans or use your credit cards, you need to think about whether you actually need to borrow that money or not. 

Borrowing More Than You Need 
Borrowing for non-essentials is always a bad move, but even if you are borrowing money in an emergency, you may be tempted to borrow more than you need. When you fill out a loan application, the lender may tell you what the maximum amount that you are eligible for is. A lot of people end up borrowing more than they originally intended to because they think that having the extra money will make life easier for them. But that is only true in the short term because when the loan repayments kick in, it will be a lot harder to manage your monthly budget. It’s best to work out exactly what you need to borrow before you apply for a loan, and stick to that original number. 

Taking Out The Wrong Kind Of Loan 
When you take out a loan, you need to look at your different options and find the best loan for that situation. Unfortunately, a lot of people rush into it and make the wrong choice. For example, if you want to start a business, you need a specific business loan rather than a personal loan. But if you want to make renovations to your home, you should look at your options for secured loans against the property because you will get a better interest rate. Spend some time looking over all of the options and consider things like interest rates, hidden fees, and repayment terms before you make your decision.  

Borrowing From Friends And Family 
If you are in a tough financial situation and you are behind on a lot of payments, you may find it hard to get a loan because you have a bad credit score. You may decide to turn to family and friends to borrow money and if they can afford it, they will probably be happy to help. But this is always a big risk. When you borrow money from friends or family, it changes your relationship with that person and if you struggle to pay it back, it can lead to a lot of arguments. If you have no other options and you absolutely have to borrow from friends and family, you need to set some clear guidelines. Think of it in the same way that you would any other loan and make sure that you prioritise paying it back. 

If you borrow money in the wrong way, you can quickly find yourself in financial trouble. But if you avoid these simple mistakes, you can make borrowing work for you and make sure to avoid any serious money problems in the future. 

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