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5 Amazing Family Holiday Destinations Around The World

by Jessica Amey

Are you planning a family holiday with your kids and are looking for the best destinations? Finding a destination that both kids and adults will like can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we look at 5 amazing holiday destination that all of the family members will enjoy.

Paphos, Cyprus
Home to iconic beaches, zoos, ancient towns, and ruins, Paphos is an exciting place to explore with your entire family. Located on the west coast of Cyprus, Paphos is the most historical region that features self-catering apartments and luxurious family-friendly resorts that are packed with activities and swimming pools.

Plan a trip to the Paphos zoo, which is home to animals like kangaroos, crocodiles, and fruit bats. The river and the 27 beaches are brilliant ways to relax and enjoy the breeze. If you are after something exciting and adventurous, whoosh around the Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, and let your children explore the gentler sliders, you can also try the zero-gravity rides.

Krakow, Poland
Krakow, which is the cultural capital of Poland, is a perfect family holiday destination that will make unforgettable memories for your kids. Regardless of age, there is always something new to learn in this city thanks to its diverse offering. The history will come apparent straight away whilst on the journey in the taxi ride from John Paul II International Airport. To learn more about the country’s history and culture, visit the Wawel Hill, the
Cathedral, and the former royal castle.

Take your family to explore the Krakowski Ogrod Zoologiczny, which is located in the Las Wolski Forest and is home to about 300 species. Plus, the Old Town in Krakow is famous for its horse-drawn carriages.

Krakow is also loaded with parks such as the Park Wodny and Jordana Park, which features several playgrounds to keep your children entertained. There are numerous family-friendly apartments, restaurants, and hotels like the Sheraton hotel.

Florida, USA
Florida is a top choice for families that are planning for a holiday. One inevitable destination in Florida is Disney World, which features four theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Plus, there are two water parks, lodgings, and on-site hotels that provide great activities for kids.

If the beach is your type of vacation, you will not be disappointed by the plenty of beaches and islands available in Florida. Head out to Amelia Island for a chill-out time at the beaches and do exciting activities like fishing, geocaching, and horseback riding.

If you and your family love birdwatching, then Captiva Island would be a great choice. Other great destinations to keep in mind include the Clearwater Beach, St Petersburg, The Palm Beaches and Miami Island. From quiet getaways to theme parks to bustling beaches, there is a lot to do in Florida.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Are you planning an adventurous family holiday in Vietnam? Well, Hanoi would be the ideal place to visit. Being the country’s capital city, Hanoi is peaceful and is home to the best art galleries, parklands, and lakes that would offer exceptional experiences for kids. To begin your trip, you can take a trip to the Temple of Literature and get to learn the history of Vietnam’s first university.

If your kids love food tours, take a stroll through the many food stalls and introduce your children to amazing Vietnam’s cuisine. Plus, there are a lot of options for children. Another great place to tour is the Hoem Kiem Lake, where you can feel the fresh air as you stroll under shady trees with an ice cream treat.

Rovaniemi, Finland
Rovaniemi is another fantastic family destination that is exceptionally children friendly. Popularly known as the hometown for Santa Claus, Rovaniemi offers plenty of attractions and activities such as fishing and boat trips. If your child’s dream has been to meet Santa, then you should check out Santa Clause village, which is a 10 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi
city centre.

For a magical husky ride, book a trip with Safartica and take pictures with the huskies. Reindeer are also conventional in Rovaniemi, and there is a chance to see them on the Kemijoki River during summer. Reindeers are migratory and hard to find since the Sami own them. Hence, you can opt to meet them at Santa Clause Village instead.

Make the most unforgettable memories for your family with these family destinations. These destinations are kid-friendly and are designed to cater for people of all ages.

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