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A Day At A Car Show

by Jessica Amey

If you were reading my blog two years ago then you will remember the time Mr C fell off his motocross bike and broke his leg and ankle, he was really lucky they could fix it as he’d smashed it so badly.

As a result he has been left with no cartilage and if he runs or does certain things then it leaves him in pain. After trying to ride a motorbike again he decided to give it up leaving me feeling rather relieved, until he decided to take up another motorsport!

He was always going to need something to replace bikes and I knew it was never going to be fishing so it didn’t surprise me when he got into drifting cars instead. If you haven’t heard of drifting then it’s basically driving the car really fast then letting it slide round the corners, it’s noisy, smoky, and stinky and comes with a whole new set of risks like fires etc but I guess at least he is protected by a roll cage and his bones aren’t quite so exposed!

Going to the events is a nice thing to do though and I think it’s really important to show kids the importance of having a hobby, I’m glad that they will see his passion for cars and my passion for blogging and hopefully find something that they will want to do over anything else as they get older.

 This weekend he was part of the drift demo at a car show and we went up with him as it wasn’t too far away.

Although it wasn’t very too far away we still had to wake up really early, Tiger who usually wakes at 5am suddenly decided to have a lie-in so we had to wake him, why do they always do that?!

photo 1 (2)

When we got there it rained for the first few hours so we had to wait in the car which was pretty hectic. Two kids climbing over everything and scrapping over who was going to sit where.

Luckily the sun did eventually come out and it was nice all afternoon.

photo 2 (2)

The kids got to sit in Mr C’s car, it’s not kept at our house so this was an exciting experience, although they of course got into a fight over who was going to sit in the drivers seat.

photo (12)

Tiger won the fight and stood victorious with his pink fishing net.

photo 4 (1)

Then we went to watch Mr C, despite him driving past ridiculously fast and making lots of noise both of them were interested in other things like trees, rolling down hills…

photo 1 (6)

and ice-cream!

photo 2 (7)

(Excuse the crap quality photos, they were all taken on my iPhone)

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