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The Best Day At Monster Jam Cardiff 2018

by Jessica Amey

On Saturday we headed up to Cardiff for Monster Jam 2018 which was absolutely amazing! It was held at the Principality Stadium which is huge, it was actually pretty surreal looking around at how many people were watching, I’ve never watched anything in a stadium before so it was a completely new experience for me.

In the morning we went into the pit party where you can see all the monster trucks and queue to have your photo taken with the driver. The queue for the Gravedigger was LONG!! It became apparent throughout the day that the Gravedigger can do no wrong.




After the initial race, there was the two wheeled trick round followed by the freestyle round, both of which the public could vote for their winner using a website. As I mentioned earlier the Gravedigger seems to be loved by many so he won! I personally thought someone else should have done though 😉

There were two female drivers which was good to see, I really can’t even imagine how hard it must be to drive a monster truck around whilst wearing a helmet and not having very big windows, they must struggle to see much!

The show was great, hugely entertaining for all members of the family, it was quite loud though so a lot of the young kids had ear protectors on. After the interval there was a freestyle motocross show which was really impressive.

We all loved it and I would definitely recommend it to any other car loving families, even if you aren’t that into cars there is something super cool about a monster truck!

If you are interested in going to Monster Jam 2019, in May next year, held in the same Principality Stadium, Cardiff then you can sign up here and become a priority customer meaning you will hear the news first about how to book tickets.

Thanks so much to Monster Jam for inviting us.

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mummywho May 25, 2018 - 9:21 am

This looks so cool! I would love to go this myself.

Kay xx


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