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Perfect Outdoor Activities For Spring

by Jessica Amey

It’s getting to that really exciting time of year when spring is just around the corner, the evenings are starting to stay light a bit later and the daffodils have started popping up. I love this time of year, I am a real hermit in winter, not because I don’t love being outdoors but I just don’t like it in winter. It’s too cold and without feeling the warmth of the sun on me as I walk around I just find myself counting down the minutes until I can get back inside my house.

As soon as spring arrives though I like to make up for that time spent indoors and do as many outdoor activities as possible, here are some of our favourite outdoor activities for spring.

Visit a bluebell woods. We’ve been visiting the same bluebell woods for the last few years and it’s a gorgeous there, not just because of all the bluebells but also because of all the blossom that is starting to shoot out, the whole woods is stunningly beautiful and if it’s on a nice, sunny day then it is just perfect.

Go for a picnic. If you google local picnic spots then you can find any nice places near you to go for a picnic, then just make up some food, grab a picnic blanket, maybe a ball to play with and head there to enjoy a nice few hours in the sun. We live near the coast so the beach is a great place for us to go for a picnic but if you don’t then finding a nice lake or even a stream can mean the kids can do some paddling.

Visit a skatepark. The kids love taking their scooters to skate parks and it’s nice and I love it when it’s a nice sunny day and I can just sit and watch them.

Visit an animal sanctuary. We love visiting animal sanctuaries and if there are any sheep you might even get to see some lambs.

Go for a bike ride. This is our favourite activity to do as a family, Tiger learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers last year and the first thing we did was go on a bike ride in a forest. Matt and I had to hire bikes as we don’t own any but our plan for this summer is to buy some so that we can go on bike rides all the time. We will be sticking with mountain bikes as we don’t plan to ride them on the road but for bikes that can do both, check out this range of hybrid bikes. They even have electric bikes which I rather like the sound of 😉

Visit a National Trust property. Most National Trust properties really turn into something special in springtime, Stourhead is one of our favourites and it’s so gorgeous there when all the trees are in bloom.

Having a BBQ is also a good one! Just writing about all of these things has made me feel super excited for the next few months.

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