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Hot Rods, Vintage Cars, Sun And Family Time

by Jessica Amey

At the weekend we headed up to a hot rod show held by the same club as the one we went to last year. It was at a place called Billing Aquadrome, near Northampton which meant it took us about 4 hours to drive there but it was definitely worth it as we had such a good time. It’s like a mini festival and such a fun event for all the family. They have bands in the evening and there are loads of vintage clothes stalls. Lots of people camp but they also have static caravans available to hire too so we booked one a few months ago as I’m not really much of a camper. Having a caravan was great as it meant we could go back and eat lunch / dinner which saved a lot of money, although we did have to eat pasta with pesto every single night.

We took Mr C’s latest car project up there on a trailer, this was one he built to sell so it’s not as exciting as his last one but I would love to drive around in it, although maybe not with such a shiny new paint job. I think I’m best with older cars that don’t make it so noticeable when I bump into posts, not that I do that very often 😉

The good thing is that I love looking at all the cars as much as Mr C does, I’m so pleased he’s not into fast cars or super cars because I don’t find them exciting at all but I would do anything to own most of the hot rods at these shows. My favourites are all the big American ones, they are just so awesome, the only problem is they are so wide that driving them around small UK roads would be a bit of a nightmare. Anything turquoise is a big hit with me!






The kids thought this one was hilarious, it’s so creepy!




On the Sunday it opens to the public and as my dad doesn’t live too far away he drove over with my brother who is back from uni for the summer. It was so nice to see them and it was such a hot sunny day. The kids got these balls from a stand for £2, best money I’ve ever spent as they played with them all day long!



Family photo next to Mr C’s car… my brother is SO much taller than me!!


It took us most of Monday to drive home and it was absolutely boiling so my choice of black outfit wasn’t a good one especially as the sun was shining through my window on my for the entire journey!! We had such a good time though and are excited for the next one already.

I just realised that I didn’t take any proper photos of all my favourite cars, I mainly Snapchatted them all. On that note I am now on Snapchat and as much as I hate to admit it, I LOVE it. I was insistent about not joining up but am so glad I have, it’s so nice to just post a short video or photo without worrying about editing or what it looks like. It’s so much easier than making proper vlogs too which take a lot of work. I’m alongcamecherry on there so for a behind the scenes look at our life do come and find me on there 🙂

This pink one caught Cherry’s attention!

Cherry has found her dream car! 💕

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How amazing is this truck?!

How amazing is this pick up truck?!! 😍😍 #hotrod #vintagecar #caravan

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