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A New View, In More Ways Than One

by Jessica Amey

I feel like it’s been ages since I last blogged properly, it kind of has been, as for the last few weeks things have been really busy. Those of you who follow me on social media will know we moved house recently and things are only just starting to feel normal again. They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do and now I definitely know why, it’s funny though as I am usually quite laid back and a couple of days before we moved I was still treating it like no big deal. Then all of a sudden it hit me and the day before we moved I was behaving like some kind of monster!! I’m not that good with stress and it makes me really snappy and irritable so it wasn’t a very fun time, for anyone. Obviously the kids knew change was happening too so they weren’t behaving like themselves, in fact it’s only the last few days that they’ve returned to normal after I had a realisation at the weekend.

We had some of our toughest days of parenting last week and both Mr C and I felt like we couldn’t even cope, by Sunday afternoon after tantrums and tears from nearly everyone I was upstairs cleaning and it suddenly hit me that we’d been so preoccupied and busy that we hadn’t been giving them any proper attention. Not only that but there had been way too many ‘in a minutes’ or ‘can you not ask me to do that right now’, of course we were just trying to sort out the house so that life can go back to normal but kids don’t really understand that so they started playing up and being extra hard work to get attention. I’ve always found that when the kids act up it’s for a reason, and usually one that relates to my own behaviour, and within an hour of us changing the way we were acting things had gone back to normal, thankfully!! So I’ve just had to accept that things will take a bit longer to sort out and that the most important thing is making sure the kids have the attention they need for us all to live a more harmonious life!

In my experience the best thing to do with young children is forget the hard parts and just focus on each new moment but we had got to the stage where we were remembering the bad parts and letting it affect the way we dealt with situations, basically we weren’t being very nice and that only makes things worse. If I had to spend five minutes with someone in a bad mood then it would change the way I behaved and in my experience children are way more sensitive to emotions so it’s hardly surprising they were acting the way they did. I’m not trying to say I’m happy and calm all the time now but my snappy times are back to being in the minority instead of constantly.

It feels good to know we are back to normal though and with our new view on parenting we can now enjoy our new view in life, the coast.



There really is something special about being able to look out to sea and the kids absolutely love it down here. We still have so much to sort out and organise, the change of address list is the worst, but the worst part is over.

Have you moved house with children? Did you find it as stressful as me?!

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