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Giving The Kid’s Room A Little Makeover

by Jessica Amey

A few weeks ago Mr C was away for the weekend and somehow, whilst standing in the kid’s bedroom I managed to ‘accidentally’ peel a bit of the wallpaper off. It’s such a me thing to do, I’m really impulsive and don’t really think things through before doing them but I’d hated the wallpaper ever since moving in and despite everyone telling me what a nightmare it is to remove I guess I wanted to see for myself. Turns out it’s not that bad and Cherry and I actually had a great time doing it, I think we are quite similar in that we both enjoy fairly repetitive jobs. She helped me for HOURS and after two days of stripping we finally had wallpaper free walls, albeit different shades of pink ones.

After about three layers of base coat and five layers of white paint I finally managed to get rid of the dark pink that had been hiding underneath which just left the horrific brown carpet to get rid of, this isn’t happening until next Tues but I cannot wait to see the back of it. We have just gone for a fairly cheap vinyl floor (one that looks like white floorboards) as I’ve mentioned before that we aren’t sure how long we will be living here for but because it’s winter and we tend to spend a lot more time in the house I wanted to do something about it. Once the floor has been laid we have some bunk beds waiting to be put up and then it will just be a case of hanging all kinds of bright accessories on the walls, a lot of which will be craft projects we’ve made.


The walls and furniture is all white so the rest of the things going in there are really bright colours, it took me ages to find some curtains that I liked as the only options seemed to be themed ones or light pink ones with princesses on but I found these in Asda and knew they would be a hit with Cherry. They have all the different countries on with the types of animals you find there. You can also find a huge range of kid’s curtains here.



Then we found these colourful bed sheets in IKEA, the top set is Tiger’s and the one underneath is Cherry’s. They both chose them, they are as picky about the things that go in there room as they are about what they wear!



Cherry also spotted this disco ball in Ikea which I said she could have for one of her birthday presents. Initially I wasn’t sure as it said the bulbs can’t be changed but after asking how long they last I was told that if the light was left on constantly then about 5-10 years so that made me feel a bit more like it was worth the £20 investment! The lights change colours and the ball spins which makes bedtime a whole lot more fun.


I had also struggled to find any hooks that were brightly coloured but came across these in a Tiger Store the other day, now I’m just waiting for Mr C to put them on the wall.


The plan is also to try and get a lot of the toys up into the bedroom, we are going to get one of the Ikea storage units to keep all the boxes in and hopefully this will mean the living room will look a bit less messy. They love playing in their room which is why it made sense to make it a bit more organised in there. Cherry and Tiger are both into different things but they find a way to make it work so that they can play games together, for instance they will both be building things with bricks but Cherry will be doing it for her little toys and Tiger will be doing it for his cars.

They are also both into imaginative play right now so have been enjoying this wooden kitchen that they were sent by Asda. It’s from their wooden toy range and is so affordable at £35. The whole selection of wooden toys is great and such good value, wooden toys are so much nicer than plastic and this is makes a really nice addition to their room.

It has lots of blackboards on it, there is a bit one on the front, the bit at the top and the separate one so the kids can write what they are selling on the boards. We haven’t yet as we don’t own any chalk but we will get some at some point!





It’s on wheels so you can move it around, Cherry has basically claimed it as her own and keeps on her things on it and has it right at the end of her bed. One of the games they play though is where Cherry sells Tiger all his cars, like they are doing in the photos above. My sister and I used to love playing shops and would have loved something like this when we were little, we used to just use a pillow!

If you want some Xmas present inspiration then it’s definitely worth checking out the wooden toy range 🙂

Thanks to Asda for sending us this toy.

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