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A Day At The Beach

by Jessica Amey

I have major holiday envy at the moment!

My dad is on a Greek Island at this very moment, it’s one we used to go to all the time when we were little and every day he is sending me photos which is bringing back all my holiday memories and making me desperate to be there.

I’m so jealous!!!

Luckily we don’t have too long to wait until our holiday though and at least the weather has been nice here lately which helps.

On Saturday we decided to drive down to the coast, luckily we don’t live too far away and can be there in just under an hour.

We also ended up on a beach with hardly anyone on it which is always a bonus.


It made me feel all emotional when I spotted how me and Cherry have the same foot lifted in the photo below.



The kids absolutely loved it and spent about two hours digging in the sand.


I love the way Cherry is watching Tiger with suspicion in this photo, he had just been flinging sand everywhere!




Tiger looking his usual grumpy self!


Then we finished off the day with ice-cream.


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