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Easy Ways to Make Money While Travelling

by Jessica Amey

If you’re planning to travel for more than a couple of months, then the sobering subject of funding is bound to crop up. Of course, you may have enough stashed away for the trip of a lifetime, but what if you decide to extend your travels? What if you just have itchy feet and can’t wait to build up your spending money?

The answer is to earn money while you’re travelling. Of course, it’s just as important to talk to advisors like Credit Fix to clear up any debts you might have so that credit card or loan repayments won’t be too much of a drain. Once that’s done, the world is your oyster (or office).

The internet makes it all much easier
As long as you have at least some access to the internet and some of the right skills then you can make some money. How much you work is up to you and your needs, but the option is there.

Be a web developer
You may already be one, in which case you’re in clover! All companies need web developers and many of them prefer to hire freelancers for ad- hoc projects as they’re cheaper than permanent in-house devs. Lots of nomads fund their lifestyles this way now and even if you don’t make a killing, you can offer to tidy up a hotel chain’s site in exchange for a free
night or two.

Do some travel writing
If you can string together a decent sentence then you could turn your hand to providing content for travel websites. You won’t make a fortune, but it’ll keep the pot boiling, encourage you to delve deeper into the places you visit and keep everyone back home updated on your wanderings.

Get graphic (designer, that is)
If this is already your day job, then go for it. If it’s something you’ve tinkered with occasionally, then you can carry on learning as you travel and earn some money from it. Finding a reputable broker platform to get the jobs from is the most important step and once you’ve got your feet under the table, you can pick up work when you need it and be sure to
get paid.

Start an online store
Running an online store, or dropshipping, is a great way to bring some money in while you’re on the road because you don’t have to lug any stock with you! You can start your store before you set off so that it’s up and running. All you have to do then is manage your inventory while you’re relaxing on a beach and then let your third-party distributor do all the heavy lifting.

Don’t forget your other skills
Whatever these skills are, remember that they travel with you! If you’re a great cook, for example, you could host supper evenings to show off classic British cuisine to the local populace. Alternatively, you could style hair, teach surfing, work behind a beach bar, teach English or repair bikes.

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