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Finally Out Of The House

by Jessica Amey

After spending pretty much all of June and half of May in our house due to chicken pox and my operation, it was so nice to finally get out again.

I’m sure you might have heard about a little festival that took part last weekend? Well until we had Cherry we went every year without fail so it’s been pretty hard to sit at home and watch it on telly for the last few years. We decided it just wouldn’t be much fun to go with very young kids but by next year they will both be able to enjoy it so we have decided we need to get back in there. I’m already excited, although you might need to remind me of that when I’m stuck in a muddy field with two moaning children next June!

As we couldn’t be there we met some friends and went for a walk to somewhere that overlooks it. There were lots of people there, some of which even had binoculars to try and see what was happening!



Then we went and had some drinks in the sun and stopped at the park before going home for dinner.

It was a rather lovely Sunday, made even better by the fact the sun was shining all day.





What did you all get up to?


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