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Give Your Home The Heritage Look In These 5 Steps

by Jessica Amey

When we consider the Heritage style, most of us imagine grand country houses and large-scale property inheritance. We certainly don’t think about the roofs over our heads. We would never be able to afford properties of those heights! Or would we?

In reality, Heritage houses by their very nature are homes inherited down generations. How else could anyone hope to afford such grand buildings? But, Heritage needn’t be entirely off your housing cards, inheritance or not.

Many homeowners now incorporate aspects of Heritage style into even the most modest of homes to add a touch of class and elegance. You could achieve the same. All it would take is following these five pointers.

Focus on a grand entrance
Heritage look properties often come complete with stone door pillars and large front doors. As such, replacing your front door with a larger option is sure to work well, as are some fake stone pillars from your local garden centre. You may even find that just lining your entrance path with potted plants can help to add that Heritage grand entrance vibe.

Add sash double glazed windows
Sash windows are a traditional feature on most Heritage properties. While traditional timber frames are may not be affordable, you could always invest in some uPVC sash double glazed windows from Roseview Window’s Rose Collection. These add the class of sash without the costs that sometimes come with it. Even better, the double-glazed glass makes sure you can stay warm in a way many traditional Heritage homes never can.

Incorporate antique additions
Classic furniture is part of what makes homes like these so appealing. As such, antique fairs and auctions should be a priority to anyone seeking the Heritage look. A grand chaise lounge here and an antique lamp there are sure to complete this image. You could even mix classic pieces like these with modern furniture to get the ideal Heritage/chic mixture.

Be bold with colour
If there’s one thing most of us notice when we visit classic country homes, it’s the bold colours. Heritage style certainly doesn’t have room for magnolia or grey! Instead, Heritage is all about bold block colours. Red is a top option and can bring an instant Heritage appearance to any room. Blocking greens and blues can also work fantastically for taking your trends back in time.

Invest in old-style art
Art also plays a considerable part in the Heritage appearance. By this, we aren’t referring to the modern art pieces that you can buy today. Instead, we’re talking about grand portraits in dark frames. Luckily, there are still plenty of pictures like these to be found at auctions and even in
charity shops. By stocking up on one or two pieces for each room, you can get that grand old house feel, even in a new build.

Heritage is hot, and it’s a style that only looks set to become more prevalent in coming years. So, what are you waiting for? It’s past time that you started incorporating features like these.

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