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How to Successfully Organize Your Child’s Toys

by Jessica Amey

Toys are unavoidable if you have little children in your home. However, with time, the accumulation of toys can lead to a great mess such that your house may even look like a tornado hit it. Toys can eventually lead to an accumulation of clutter within your home. It is even more embarrassing when you have visitors and you have to lock your child’s bedroom due to the mess. Every parent is always wondering how to organize their children’s toys effectively. Here is a compilation of ideas you can utilize to keep your home neat. 

• Sort and De-clutter 

The first step towards organizing toys is sorting them out and discarding those that are rarely used. This process can be sentimental because of the memories attached to the toys. It is, therefore, advisable to carry out the exercise alone to avoid getting your child emotional. The good toys can be donated to charity while the damaged ones can be thrown away. You will be surprised by the amount of junk you have been keeping in the name of toys. 

• Create storage 

It is useless to de-clutter if you do not create shelves and boxes to store toys after play sessions. Have shelves placed where your kid can easily locate them. Stack similar toys together and, if it is possible, you can label them. Other toys can be stored in large boxes that are placed on the floor. Ensure that your child knows that they should return the toys in the boxes and shelves after playing to prevent their rooms from looking disastrous. 

• Designate a Play Area 

It is impossible to organize toys if they are scattered all over your house and even outside. If your house is large enough, you can set aside a room where children can play. If you live in a smaller house, then a corner of the living room or their bedroom could work out just fine. Giving children a specific place to play from makes your work easier because you know where to clean up once they are done playing. 

• Create Some Playing Rules 

The best way to inculcate into children’s organizational skills is by creating rules that they can remember. For instance, one rule should let them know how many toys they are allowed to play with at a time. Imagine large puzzles mixed up with other toys- the mess would be difficult to clear especially if the pieces of the puzzles cannot be identified. Another rule would be telling them to place the toys back to the storage boxes when they are done using them. 

• Buy Toys with Limitation 

Every parent would want their child to have all sorts of toys, both large and small. While it is not a bad move, it is good to be reasonable. For instance, it would be senseless to buy your crawling toddler very big toy cars. The very large toys occupy more space making it difficult to store them and create some order in the house. It is also not wise to buy your kid too many toys at a go. Buy them a few toys that they can fully engage with during play. If you just love shopping for toys, the other alternative would be to store them away in the garage. In this case, you should only give them to your child once they have grown bored with the toys they already have. 


Toys can create a huge mess if not organized appropriately. Besides, organizing toys helps prevent injuries. The safety of your kid should come first. Some of the ways you can use to organize your child’s toys include sorting, de-cluttering, creating a play area, having enough storage, having rules within your house, and of course, buying good toys, Go To Star Walk Kids → for more toys once you have cleaned up.

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