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How To Bring Your Holiday Relaxation Home

by Jessica Amey

We all love the feeling of being on holiday; exploring new places, lazing on the beach, sipping coffee in local cafés, and spending endless hours relaxing. Our general wellbeing improves greatly whilst we’re whiling away the hours on holiday, but how do we bring that relaxation home with us? Here I’ll explore some of the top ways to bring your holiday relaxation vibes home with you.

Create a Zen Space
Relaxation and meditation require a calming environment, and to truly relax at home you’ll need to set up a zen space, dedicated just for relaxation. Use inspiration from your favourite holiday destination for little added décor touches, such as shells from your favourite beach or that book you just couldn’t put down last holiday.

Make sure the space is clean, brightly lit and quiet for those times when you want to sit down relax and reminisce.

Sensory Experience
Our memories of places are closely linked to the sensory experience we had there, whether it’s the smell of the seaside, the taste of an incredible meal or the sights and sounds of an amazing landscape, these are all triggers for taking us back to the feeling of being on holiday.

Why not introduce sensory stimulants such as a candle which smells of the seaside, playing sounds of nature from your destination, or simply looking through your holiday photographs. Sparking these memories through reminiscence can be fantastic for relaxation.

Take Time
When we’re on holiday there always seems to be endless time, whether you’re laying on a beach or curling up with a good book in cosy Lyme Regis Holiday Cottages from Lyme Bay Holidays, there is always time to take a load off. To bring these feelings home with you, it’s important to actually take some time for yourself.

Set aside half an hour each day to do nothing at all, simply sit and read a favourite book, have a coffee in the garden or lose yourself in some calming music. Just taking some time away from technology and the stresses of daily life is perfect for relaxing at home.

Good Night’s Sleep
Getting a good sleep is important for so many reasons, including both our mental and physical wellbeing. In order to be able to relax during the day, you need to have had a good night’s sleep. If you struggle to drop off, why not try using a relaxing pillow spray, purchasing new bedding, playing relaxing music or changing the lighting or temperature in your bedroom to create the perfect sleep environment.

The final tip for getting the most from your relaxation at home is to ensure your environment is as peaceful as possible. Try de-cluttering your home from unnecessary items, leaving only those which are necessary and meaningful. This is a brilliant way to de-stress and create an environment free from distraction which is perfect for relaxation.

So even when you’re facing those holiday blues after travelling back home, remember there are many ways to re-capture that feeling of holiday relaxation in your own home. Experiment with different methods to see which works best for you, and happy relaxing!

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