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How To Make Staying In The House Fun

by Jessica Amey

This Winter has been so stormy that we’ve  spent far more time in our house than out of it.

Spending so much time indoors can get really boring so it’s nice to find ways to make it a bit more fun. Especially at the weekend.

We were lucky enough to be sent this staying in pack from Debenhams last week which helped to make last Friday a fun one.


At first glance it might look like everything you need for a perfect girl’s night in, and it was, but because I’m nice I chose a film that I knew Mr C wanted to watch. I’m not sure a night of nail painting, scented candle burning and herbal tea drinking would have won him over otherwise!


This is my first Yankee Candle but I’m a fan, it smells delicious and they come in so many different flavours.

Cherry chose the cushion. I’ve always wanted a pug but am not an animal person at all so this is the perfect solution!



And these biscuits are from Biscuiteers who I’d never heard of before but am now a little bit in love with. They sell every type of themed biscuit you can imagine and you can also personalise some of them.



They look a bit too pretty to eat but that didn’t bother Cherry and she got stuck in!


We painted our nails the same colour then Cherry jumped up and down on the pillow which she very happily exclaimed was a ‘very bouncy one’.

Then when the kids were in bed Mr C and I drunk wine and watched the film which I can’t comment on as I fell asleep half way through!

How have you been keeping yourselves entertained through all the storms we’ve been having?

Disclaimer: Post in association with Debenhams.

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