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Introducing My Blogtacular Sponsor

by Jessica Amey

I only attended one blog event last year (when I was still pregnant) as J was due in March. I did buy a Blogfest ticket but I sold it at the last minute as travelling up to London with J then trying to keep him quiet in a conference room would have been a nightmare.

This year he will be old enough to leave with Mr C for the day so I am really excited to be attending a new conference called Blogtacular. I knew as soon as I read about it that I wanted to attend as it focuses on the creative side of blogging which is the area that inspires me the most. I know SEO and all the technical side is important but I don’t find it as interesting to hear about, plus in my opinion a post that has a keyword every few sentences isn’t much fun to read so I don’t bother with it.

I am also very happy to announce that I’ve been sponsored to attend by a really great company.

They are called Tiddley Pom and if you haven’t heard of them they sell some gorgeous organic baby products as well as massage sets and music CD’s for babies. People who have been reading my blog since the start will know that I qualified as a massage therapist in 2011. I did it with the aim of teaching baby massage because I am aware of the benefits to not just the baby, but the mum too.

Massage can help babies sleep, help with colic and most importantly help to build the bond between mum and baby. This can be so beneficial in those first few weeks. It can also be great for helping with constipation. J suffered so badly with this when he started on solids. Nothing would help but I made sure I massaged his tummy every time I changed his nappy and the next day I always saw the benefits. It’s also great for helping them with trapped wind. If you really gently, but firmly, massage in clockwise (always clockwise) circles starting from the belly button getting bigger then coming back in again then it works wonders, almost instantly!

I’m going to be testing out some of their products over the next few months and running a giveaway too so watch this space if you would like to know more.

Did you / do you massage your baby and have you noticed any benefits?

And who else is going to Bloctacular?

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