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How To Make Bunting For Valentine’s Day

by Jessica Amey

How to make bunting, for Valentine’s Day…

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of bunting.

I love it.

This week we made some Valentine’s Day bunting, or heart shaped bunting.

Cherry chose the colours and she made one all on her own, she stuck the paper on and glued glitter and sequins on it. She really does love making things and asks me countless times each day if we can do ‘something crafty’.

Now Tiger goes for two naps a day it gives us a perfect opportunity to sit down together and be creative.

I used my heart shaped hole punch for this, I’ve got this one, it’s from Amazon and only cost a fiver but I’m really impressed with the quality, it’s heavy duty and can even cut through card.

I love it and use it for so many different things.

I used plain paper for this as it’s all we had in the house but I want to make some more using old magazines.

I’m going to run out of space for bunting soon!

how to make bunting

how to make bunting

how to make bunting

how to make bunting

This is one way of how to make bunting.

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