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Kid Friendly Decor, Keeping Your Home Stylish And Stain Free

by Jessica Amey

Children are amazing aren’t they? As much as we love them, you have to admit that children are little stain monsters, it’s not their fault, after all they are just children, but all parents have gone through the horror that is seeing the state of the furniture after a child has gone on a stain spree, whether they are playing with their food, mucking around with paint or just drawing on the walls.

So, with the looming threat of child related stains, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to clean and decorate your home to look how you want it to (ask any parent who has been brave enough to buy a white sofa). But there are ways that you can have your dream house and keep it stain free. It’s not
easy to have a home that’s kid friendly and fashion forward, but today we’ll help you find the perfect compromises to help you home look amazing.

  • Stain Free Sofas
    We’ve already mentioned the horror that is children and white sofas, but sofas in general are a stain danger zone when your little ones are running riot. Sofas are expensive and seeing a big purchase
    ruined by a stain is horrifying, because of this, with young kids fabric sofas are a no go.

    But microfibre and leather sofas are perfect for families with young kids, they’re easy to clean and very resistant against stains and they don’t sacrifice style or comfort. Another tip is to avoid light colours or really bright colours for the sofa, always go dark, a stain is far less noticeable on a brown sofa than it would be on a baby blue one.
  • Stain Proof Blinds
    Blinds are another household item too often stained by little ones, although blinds are less costly than a sofa, it still stings to see a big stain on your window furnishings. But you can find blinds that are
    tough enough to deal with children.

    DotcomBlinds are a UK blinds retailer and they have essentially made child proof roller blinds made with wipe clean fabric, these wipe clean PVC blinds are an essential for a house with mucky kids. No
    need to worry about stains as any mess on them can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth without leaving a mark. Better yet, all their wipe-clean blinds still come in stylish colours and patterns for you
    to decorate with.
  • Keep Your Floor Stain Free
    While carpets are a good flooring for most people, when you put a child in the mix, it can get dangerous, just one spill can ruin your carpet forever, so when deciding on flooring you need to take
    that into account. If you still would prefer carpet, make sure you choose a dark or earthy colour that will help conceal any stains that eventually happen.

    But, if you don’t want to run the risk of a ruined carpet, you need to choose a different type of flooring, Vinyl and Laminate Wood floorings are amazing for this, as they aren’t made of fabric any spillages
    can simply be wiped off with a wet cloth and with the options available from Vinyl flooring you can have a stylish floor without having to worry about stains.

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