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Last Weekend

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend we were visiting lavender farms, having family BBQs and enjoying the sun.


smelling the lavender

lavender farm 1

lavender farm 2

This weekend I will be stuck in hospital not enjoying the sun very much.

The day of my operation has arrived, I’m not going to lie, I’m actually quite looking forward to a couple of days to chill out and relax in peace. I’ve even packed a book, I haven’t had time to read properly since Cherry was born!

I do feel a bit bad leaving everyone though, we had our worst night ever in the history of parenting last night.

Tiger has got really bad chicken pox and wouldn’t sleep. His screaming woke Cherry up who then started screaming because his screaming was too loud.

Cherry went back to sleep after we bribed her with a present (sometimes it has to be done) and eventually Tiger fell asleep in our bed after HOURS of crying and rolling around on top of my head meaning we all only got a few hours sleep. Typical that it all has to occur on my first ever night away.

Hopefully he will be a bit better tonight though, I’ve just been and stocked up on all the things people recommended.

And if you follow me on social media then no doubt you will be kept up to date with my hospital stay, I’m guessing asking the nurse to take a photo during surgery for my Instagram feed would be a step too far?! 😉

See 2015’s visit to Somerset Lavender here 🙂

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