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How To Let Light Into A Dark Space

by Jessica Amey

Since the start of winter I’ve really noticed how much my house has been affected by the lack of light.

The reason it’s been more of an issue this year is because I have to take a lot of photos for my craft blog and it’s been a real struggle. I have to crank my ISO right up and then try to edit out the noise. I shoot in RAW so there is an option to do this in post-processing but it does affect the quality of the photos and even still I’m not that happy with how they are turning out. I need to invest in some decent lighting I think. Another reason why I need to move somewhere warm!!

Even if you aren’t taking photos in your house it’s still nice for it to feel as light as possible on dark winter days, I don’t know about you but it really affects my mood when it’s so dark.

There are some things you can do to try and lighten up your house.

Firstly make sure your walls are painted in light colours. I went through a phase of painting all my walls dark, I did actually like them but it just wasn’t practical and rooms really do look so much bigger and brighter when they are painted light.

Secondly choosing good lighting can make such a difference. We recently swapped out normal lights for a strip with three spotlights, you can angle them in different places which I like as I hate light shining in my eyes when I’m sitting on the sofa. I also want to get some of those spotlights for under the kitchen units, I think they really brighten up the worktops.

Thirdly is making sure you have good windows. Having a good set of windows is vital when wanting to let more light into your home. Make sure to visit SESecondary Glazing when purchasing new windows. Their wide range of windows allowed me to find the perfect windows for my home

And fourthly is getting a conservatory, obviously not an option if you don’t own your home but they are great for natural light and I really really wish I had one!!

Majestic Designs offer a wide range of glazing solutions to help let more light into your home. They only buy in and manufacture top quality products using materials sourced in the UK and they run a recycling programme to ensure UPVC from double glazing doesn’t go to waste. They also cut out the need for a middleman meaning they can offer great value for money. They sound fab!

How do you lighten up your home in the winter months?

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