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Longleat Festival of Light – Why You Have To Visit!

by Jessica Amey

A couple of weeks before Christmas I saw (on Facebook, what would we do without it?!) that my friend had been to Longleat Festival of Light. The photos looked amazing so we decided to go, luckily I discovered I had enough Tesco Clubcard points to get two of their discounted tickets so we only had to pay £18, saving us £45!

We arrived at about midday so we could do the safari park bit too and after having our car destroyed by the monkeys…

Longleat Monkeys

And explaining to Cherry why we couldn’t open our windows in the tiger enclosure…

Longleat Tigers

We headed over to the adventure park area to have a walk around and wait for it to get dark.

Longleat Postman Pat Village

After getting some food the sun started to set so we went for a walk around Longleat House, they had decorated it all and there were princesses at the entrance to each of the rooms as well as Captain Hook in one of them. It looked amazing.

Longleat House

Then when we came out it was dark so after going to watch the singing Christmas tree (a huge tree that sung carols and flashed in all different coloured lights) we walked around to see the lights which were just so beautiful, honestly breathtaking. The house in the background made the perfect setting, such an extraordinary sight. And the way they were all in the water looked stunning. You couldn’t help but appreciate how much work had gone into it all but it was so worth it.

The photos really don’t do it justice and I’ve only captured part of it, there was so much more to it.

Festival of Light 2

Longleat Festival of Light

Longleat Festival of Light

Longleat Festival of Light

Longleat Festival of Light

Longleat Festival of Light 5

Longleat Festival of Light 6

Longleat Festival of Light Flamingos

Longleat Festival of Light Flowers

Longleat Festival of Light Pandas

Longleat Festival of Light

The panda section was amazing, there was music playing and they were all moving. There were also lanterns and lights hanging from all the trees. I’m not sure if they do it as an annual thing but if they do then I would honestly recommend going next year. I’ve already started saving my clubcard points for it.

Edited: Just found out that it is going to be back again this year as it was so successful, you can find out more about it here but I would honestly recommend it, it was amazing and the perfect festive day out. We are definitely going to be going again.

I haven’t been paid to write this, I just loved it!

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