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Happy Christmas 2014

by Jessica Amey

Just a quick one to say I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

We had a lovely few days, starting with a meal on the 23rd with lots of our school friends. Mr C and I went to secondary school together which means there is a huge group of us who all still keep in touch.

On Christmas Eve we went over to Mr C’s sister’s house and on Christmas day we went over to his dad’s house which was lovely. Tiger pigged out on dinner then crashed out on me all afternoon allowing me to drink Babycham (first time I’ve tried it, it’s so good!) and watch the Top of the Pops Xmas Special.

I didn’t take many photos, these were taken on Christmas Day morning and the kids look truly miserable! Tiger screamed all the way to where we were going and Cherry looks very unimpressed.

christmas one

christmas 2

christmas 3

Once Christmas Day is over I’m always ready to move on so I took our tree down yesterday and bought a gym mat and dumbbells which were half price in the supermarket ready to start my new year fitness regime, I feel fitter already šŸ˜‰

Although until the 1st of January I’m planning to continueĀ gorging on Bailey’s and champagne truffles (best chocolates ever).

What was the highlight of your Christmas?

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