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MADS 2014 Finalist!

by Jessica Amey

Last year I can remember how surprised I was to see my name on the list of MAD Blog Award finalists. I had to re-check it about five times just to make sure it was really me!

I was so gutted not to be able to make the awards night but J was still breastfeeding a lot so I couldn’t have left him, we thought about travelling up as a family and Mr C staying in the room with the kids but when it came to it I decided that the most sensible thing to do was to just stay at home. I was so jealous on the day though, especially as Dr Ranj was hosting (I mean who doesn’t love Dr Ranj?!).

Of course I dreamt of making it to the finals again this year but I honestly didn’t think I would so when I discovered my name on the list again I was over the moon! Especially as I am in the craft category, one which I never thought I would make it into!

I’ve developed such a love of crafting over the last year, so much so that I went and set up an entire new site dedicated to kid’s crafts!





fairy wings for toys

The photos above are all from Let’s Do Something Crafty so if you haven’t popped over yet then do come and say hi!

And stay tuned for lots more craftiness on Along Came Cherry too!

Thank you to everyone who nominated me and if you would like to see me win then you can vote for me here – http://www.the-mads.com/vote/

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