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How To Have A Better Night Sleep

by Jessica Amey

Someone asked me my top tip for a good night the other day and jokingly (but half serious) I said ‘don’t have children’!

I would have to say that the hardest thing about being a parent is the lack of sleep, especially in that first year. Even after the first year I don’t think you ever get back the same quality of sleep that you had in your pre-children days. Both of mine started sleeping through the night at ten months but even still there are times when they are ill or have nightmares and end up waking up lots. In fact just last night we ended up with Cherry in our bed from about 2am onwards and J from 5am.


After a bad night I just keep reminding myself that having them kicking me in the back all night is far nicer than when they are teenagers out on the town and I’m lying there worrying about them all night.

Even when you don’t have kids sometimes it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve never suffered from full-on insomnia but I have gone through phases of struggling to get to sleep, there is nothing worse than tossing and turning with an active mind. Then I seem to go through phases of the other extreme where I am falling asleep by 8.30pm. I find this equally annoying as it’s usually when I’m in the middle of watching a film!

There are things I always do to aid a good night’s sleep though regardless of what phase I’m in…

I only drink decaf tea in the evenings, I’m not very good with caffeine and if I drank a cup of normal tea any later than 5pm then I would definitely not be able to fall asleep very well.

I always have a hot bath at night. I absolutely love baths, it’s the only time I truly relax. I also add a few drops of lavender oil to increase the relaxation effect.

I don’t eat chocolate any later than 8pm, well sometimes I do but I find it makes it harder for me to fall asleep and also gives me nightmares.

I keep the radiator off in our bedroom as I hate being stuffy in bed. Even still I always get too hot and want the window open but Mr C rarely lets me as he’s always cold!

I try not to go on my laptop for at least an hour before bed, this isn’t always possible as it’s my only time to get things done but I try!

And if all else fails then I spray some of this in my mouth..


It is AMAZING and totally natural. If ever my mind is all busy and I can’t sleep then I use some of this and within minutes I’ve relaxed and fallen asleep.

If you need some more tips on getting a good night’s sleep then Web-Blinds sleep guide has lots more helpful suggestions.

What’s your number one tip for a good night’s sleep?

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