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Oh Christmas Tree: Our Pines and Needles Review

by Jessica Amey

I absolutely love this time of year.

I find the build up to Christmas really exciting and now Cherry is old enough to understand it all it’s even more enjoyable.

Our house is starting to look very festive too as our Christmas tree arrived last Friday. I know some people can’t even think about putting their tree up so early but I like to take it down on Boxing Day so for me it’s a good length of time.

We’ve actually got a real tree this year too, a huge one!

Pines and Needles Christmas tree

We have a very random mix of colourful decorations, a lot of which are hand-made including lots of pom poms! I’ve also had to move them higher and higher up the tree to try and stop the kids taking them off!

oh christmas tree

These Scandi Folk Horse Decorations are from the Tigerlilly Quinn Shop and are priced at £1.85 each, they are a really good size too. If you did want to buy some, or anything else from the shop then I’m an affiliate so if you use the code CHERRY10 you will get 10% off.

christmas tree horse decoration

tree decs

pines and needles christmas tree decorations

We made our angel that sits on top of the tree, you can see how we did it over on my craft blog. You can also see how we made the round Christmas decorations. I’ve got a lot more Christmas craft posts coming up over there too including how we made our DIY Reindeer Food.

We also need to make our annual salt dough decorations, we still have lots from last year and a couple from the year before. I want to try and keep some from each year.

The tree itself is from Pines and Needles (love the name!) and I’m really impressed with the quality of it. It’s a Nordman Fir which means it holds on to it’s needles better than other types. The prices are so reasonable too.

Ours is sitting in a base which holds water and we had to saw an inch of the bottom so it can drink the water properly. It’s also important we make sure the water doesn’t dry up because if that happens the sap will block the pores and stop it drinking. These are all things I had to learn, I’m clueless when it comes to real tree care!

Our tree was delivered but if you live in London then you go and collect it yourself.

And if you did want to order one then using the code CHER14 will mean you get a free gift (and I will get a small referral payment).

christmas tree bokeh

When do you put your tree up?!

We were gifted the tree for the purpose of this review.

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