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OKIDO Magazine

by Jessica Amey

Cherry loves magazines, we find them really useful on the long days we spend at car shows and as Mr C and I both have ones we subscribe to she likes to be like us and sit down to read hers too.

I find the choice of kid’s magazines in newsagents to be incredibly un-inspiring though, in fact I usually have to avoid the magazine aisle altogether as Cherry gets drawn in by the plastic junk they attach to the front and starts screaming at me to buy her one.

I was recently introduced to OKIDO, an arts and science magazine for kids and I’m so happy to have discovered them.

Okido Magazine

OKIDO magazines make such a refreshing change from all the themed magazines you find in high-street newsagents and supermarkets.

You actually feel like you are getting something out of buying them and you don’t just have to throw them away after your child has looked at them for two minutes.

Inside they are full of craft ideas..

okido review 4

okido review 3


okido review 2

Drawing activities…

okido review 5

As well as stories with colourful illustrations…

okido review 6

Each one has a different theme, for instance we have one about going on holiday which we will be taking with us when we got to France later this month. Other themes have included Space, Taste, Boys and Girls, Dirt, you can see more here.

okido review 7

okido review 1


We really love them and if you are bored of the the normal kid’s magazines then I would really recommend OKIDO.

OKIDO magazines are available in select retailers around the country or you can subscribe online.

We were sent a few copies for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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