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This Homeschooling Life #5

by Jessica Amey

Our homeschooling life has been pretty quiet since over the last month as we went on holiday for a week a few days after December’s post went live and then it was obviously Christmas and new year which takes us up to now, the 1st Monday of January. It’s been a really fun month and has involved lots of playing and crafting but the break has resulted in us all feeling like we are ready to focus a bit more now and get back to ‘normal life’ although I do feel slightly sad about it. There is something quite magical about the two Christmas holiday weeks, I really felt like I had escaped reality this year and after such a hectic month in December that was most needed.

Mr C and I have been talking quite a lot lately about how the homeschooling is going, I guess I forget that he isn’t members of the home ed Facebook groups, doesn’t come to the classes / meet ups with us and isn’t here during the week so he doesn’t really feel part of the community or have any idea what it’s like aside from me always telling him how great it is of course. We had agreed to take more of an unschooling approach, and that is the way I would still choose to do things but I think Mr C wants there to be a little bit of structure in some areas so we are going to start planning a few more activities to teach the basics. Mr C is also going to start taking a bit more of a role with it all, he is 100% happy with our choice to home educate but I think he feels like we should be doing a bit more. I personally don’t feel worried about the reading and writing thing as I know a lot of Europe don’t even start formal teaching until kids are seven and I can see so much progress that I know it will happen eventually without much input from us but I’m also happy to do more to see if the kids are interested in picking it up quicker.

So we’ve been going a bit laminator mad this weekend and printing off lots of words, numbers and games from the Twinkl site. I have a premium subscription and find them really great. I found a box with numbers 1-100 which I’ve printed off as well as a money game and lots of short words to practice reading.

Luckily as Mr C is self-employed with his own workshop he is flexible with his working hours which means he can be around sometimes in the day then work in the evening instead. We’ve decided that one morning a week he is going to be here so I can get some work done then there are a few new groups Cherry is starting this term so he will be with Tiger while I take her. One of which is gymnastics and trampolining, another is Spanish lessons then we are also going to be doing Fun Science again. I will be taking both the kids to the physical education sessions that I was attending last term as well as some Lego clubs. Then there will be the usual National Trust meet ups and groups plus we are also looking at swimming lessons for them both so we’ve definitely got enough to be going on with!

I think one of the struggles with working from home and home schooling is trying to get the balance right, the dream eventually is to live somewhere with a workshop for Mr C and a craft studio for me and really share everything, I love the idea of the kids being older and spending some time with Mr C in his workshop learning about cars, if they want to of course, or being in with me doing crafty things. Obviously part of that dream is living somewhere with nicer weather so spending lots of time outdoors is possible. So over the next year we are going to be working hard to try and make our dreams reality.

Here are a few pics of what we have been up to this month…

This weekend Mr C and Cherry spent some time making all of the planets in our solar system, Cherry went on to write labels for them all so they can go up on the wall.


Cherry has been doing lots of crafting with her Christmas present sets, she got this ‘Beados’ one which has templates and beads that you spray with water to make them stick together. It’s nice for her to be able to do the whole process as Hama Beads need me to iron them. She also got a jewellery making set which she has had hours of fun with, she spent so long threading sequins on to her piece of thread the other day. If I had to describe Cherry in a few words then I would have to add in that she is ALWAYS making something, she loves rummaging through my craft drawers and turning the random objects she finds into little creations, it’s so clear this is where her passion lies. She comes alive and is always telling me her ideas for craft projects. It’s so sweet, and hardly surprising really given that her dad and I are exactly the same.


Lego is another favourite activity this month.


And we’ve been having great fun with this marble run, it was a 100 piece set so there is more than enough for both the kids to make their own runs.



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