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Pom Poms And Reward Points

by Jessica Amey

I am a tiny bit obsessed with pom poms at the moment.

Actually quite a lot obsessed. I don’t know what it is but I just love them.

I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to pom poms.

It’s amazing how much can be done with them. My favourite ideas are to turn them into a garland (this is what I’m going to do with all my practice pom poms below) and to make them into flowers by putting them on the end of the stick.

But most amazingly of all is that you can actually create designs inside the pom pom!

This lady (who I may have told Mr C was my hero) can turn pom poms into all kinds of things. You really should take a look and prepare to be amazed as not only has she made animal pom poms but she has also managed to make alphabet pom poms!

Below is my attempt at a heart within a pom pom and the annoying thing is I tried loads of different ways to do it but can’t remember which one actually worked.

Pom Pom with heart in middle

Pom Poms

Pom Poms

Pom Poms

I made all of these with a clever little contraption known as a pom pom maker. I know you can use cardboard but I liked the idea of having a maker.

They come in lots of different sizes, I have a medium, large, small, extra small and even a heart shaped pom pom maker which I am yet to master. It’s harder than the circle ones and after a stressful 45 mins trying the other day I gave up before I ended up chucking it out the window!

The pom poms above are all my first attempts so are a bit straggly but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

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