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Kid’s Bedroom DIY Ideas

by Jessica Amey

I don’t really have a style when it comes to home decor, I am partial to a mix of everything.

I love finding old furniture and giving it a makeover (like the washi tape drawers in image 6) and I especially love DIY projects in the home.

Mr C is great at making things with wood and has converted a camper before so I know he could build the kids an amazing bed but it’s one of those things that in reality he will never get around too. Cherry would absolutely love one like image 1 and 5 though!

I adore the teepees in image 2 and 4, number 4 looks fairly simple too but I bet kids would love hiding out in there.

Then I love the shelves in image 3, a boring white bookcase has been transformed with vintage wallpaper.

And finally how cool is this wallpaper with drawings?! Although if I let Cherry draw people all over it then it definitely wouldn’t look like this, she is still into scribbling which would give an entirely different look! I would totally buy this though and just pretend my kids drew the people 😉

One thing that I would want all new and nice is a kitchen, I would love a huge one with a big island in the middle and fitted with all the gadgets I need. It might actually inspire me to cook more, maybe 😉

What room would you like to give a makeover and why?

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