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Tips On Looking After Your Vehicle

by Jessica Amey

So I have to admit that I leave all things car related in our household down to Matt. He works with cars and knows everything about them which means I have never seen the point in learning anything about them myself.

There is lots of maintenance that goes into keeping your vehicle safe, helping it last as long as possible and running at it’s best though and if you don’t have a car expert in your house then it’s important to know all the essentials.

There are a few things you can do yourself to help your car running well..

Checking the oil – you should do this regularly, especially before long journeys.

Check other fluid levels – brake and clutch, anti-freeze, power steering and washer.

Keep an eye on the dashboard lights / temperature gauge – If you see any lights comes on then don’t ignore them, especially the engine maintenance light. Also make sure your engine isn’t overheating.

Check your lights – If you have someone else with you then just ask them to check your lights at the back of the car are working.

Check your windscreen wipers – These are important as in heavy rain you wouldn’t be able to see anything should they not work properly.

Taking your car for it’s MOT

Once a year your car needs to have an MOT to make sure that’s still safe to drive. During the MOT your car will be checked for problems with it’s lights and electrical equipment, steering and suspension, brakes, tyres, seat belts, exhaust and it’s body.

Checking your tyres

It’s also important to check your tyres regularly, about once a month for pressure and tread depth and I usually check my tyres don’t have punctures most days as I’ve had a few slow punctures and also completely flat tyres before and now I always check to be on the safe side! When the depth gets down to 3mm you will need to have your tyres changed.

If you aren’t comfortable checking anything on your car or changing oil then you can take your car for a service where a professional will do these things for you.

Garages like Ossett Tyre House in Dewsbury can offer services as well as MOTs and tyre changes, basically anything your car needs. If you don’t live near there then a quick online search will bring up your nearest garage.

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