Kid’s Crafts: A ‘Perfect Holiday’...

Kid’s Crafts: A ‘Perfect Holiday’ Play Scene

It really does feel like this winter has lasted forever, it’s been so wet and as a result we haven’t spent much time outdoors which is something we usually do lots of in the summer. Luckily the kids are happy enough indoors so we do lots of crafting instead, it’s Cherry’s favourite thing to do and she is always making something. Quite often she does it on her own now and actually gives me craft lessons (it’s very sweet) but last week on a particularly horrible day I suggested we make a perfect holiday play scene.

I love setting up play scenes for the kids as to them it’s new toys, and all kids love new toys!

The beach play scene was really easy to put together and we just used things we have lying around. The swimming pool is made from a piece of felt, the people are made from pipe cleaners, the flowers had been lying around from an old craft project so we stuck them in some play doh to stand up. The parasol was made from putting a crocheted circle onto a lolly stick then standing it up in some play doh. The sun beds were made by wrapping some granny squares around some cardboard and the tiny book was just some paper stapled together. Cherry wrote a little story inside it.




swimming pool play scene

Then the ski scene was made from an old cardboard box. I pulled it apart and used my glue gun to stick it into a ski run shape before painting it white and covering the sides in felt.

We made people out of pipe cleaners and the skis out of snapped half wooden lolly sticks, I used my glue gun to stick their feet on. Then we made daddy out of a wooden peg. I wrapped a pipe cleaner around his body, drew on a face and stuck him on a wider lolly stick for a snowboard.



I crocheted little triangles and stuck them on cocktail sticks to make the flags then poked little holes in the box and put a spot of glue from the gun in there to help hold them up.


I crocheted bigger triangles for the trees and stuck two cocktail sticks into the bottom before sticking them onto the box.




Then lastly we dotted some cotton wool balls around for snow.



snowboarding pipe cleaner man


kids crafts ski play scene

It is so fun to play with as the people sometimes fall over much to the amusement of the kids! You could actually turn it into a game and take it in turns to see who can make it down without falling over.

Both of these holiday play scenes were made from materials we had lying around the house so next time you are stuck indoors on a rainy day why not rummage through your cupboards and see what play scene you can make!


  1. Kerry

    17 February

    Ah I love this Jess! Refreshingly different. I still need to write my entry, but I have a feeling it may not be as fun and inventive as this!! xxx

  2. Mini Travellers

    17 February

    Oh I absolutely love this entry I adore the colours of the little people too! Beautifully done!

  3. My children are too old now for these sort of craft activities, but I don’t care – I read through this post and the pictures and the colours made me actually smile, just looking at them 🙂

  4. Notmyearoff

    17 February

    This is so completely you!! It’s definitely a memorable, brilliant entry. Best of luck Jess 🙂

  5. Mel Wiggins

    17 February

    This is too flipping cute! I am also so jealous of how much of Greece you’ve been able to explore – would love to go there off the beaten track! x

  6. Natalie

    17 February

    I really feel for the judges as there are so many great entries, good luck xx

  7. Fritha

    18 February

    This had me cracking up Jess! I love the daddy falling over on his back so many times I know how much you would love to get back to the ski slopes so I really hope you get to! X

  8. Laura

    18 February

    Oh wow this is such a fantastic entry post for Mark Warner – love it!! So creative, fun and colourful and completely you! Love it

    Laura x

  9. Zoe

    19 February

    Love this idea! Really imaginative and so colourful. Best of luck for the competition! x

  10. Molly at Roost

    19 February

    What a creative entry! Love this! As a kid I also went to the same place every year – France. We’d travel all over and go for the entire summer. But I never got bored of it and every holiday was different. I’ve never been skiing though, although it’s something I’d LOVE to do. x

  11. Natalie Ray

    20 February

    Oh, I flipping love this post! Your little holiday scenes are AMAZING! I particularly love your snow holiday one. We didn’t go abroad much when I was a child but that has made me want to go EVERYWHERE. Your childhood holidays sound pretty memorable. The very best of luck with your entry for the Mark Warner competition, it’s fabulous!x

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