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A Trip To The George At Asda Home #GeorgeHome

by Jessica Amey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A couple of weeks ago we drove up to London to attend an event at the George at Asda home, a gorgeous house which had been decorated from ceiling to floor with George furniture and homeware, even the paint was by George at Asda. I’ve worked with Asda a few times over the last six months and each time I’ve been amazed at just how large the range is, and at such low prices. In fact as I write this I am sitting on an Asda blanket, wearing Asda pyjamas and upstairs the kids have some Asda curtains hanging up. I had been looking for some brightly coloured unisex curtains for ages and was really pleased when I found them as they were exactly what I had been looked for. You can see them here.

I was really excited to see the new SS 16 range (which has just become available online) and also to have a family day in London with some of my favourite blogger friends. We were there with Katie, Fritha, Laura and Caro as well as their husbands and children, it’s actually the first blogger event that Mr C has been invited to and it was nice for him to be involved.

The Asda team had laid out a lovely lunch for us when we arrived which was very much needed after a three house drive up there, there were also some activities for the kids like biscuit decorating and lots of craft supplies, we do love a bit of crafting!





After lunch we were given a tour of the house, Tiger found all the Minions in one of the kid’s bedrooms and carried one around for the entire day, he’s obsessed! He’s sitting on the Alfie Mid-Sleeper bed in this photo which comes with a range of storage options to go underneath. There are chest of drawers and a wardrobe in the Alfie range too. Then all the monster themed products, including monster fairy lights, can be found here. The sliver camera is a money box and I love anything camera shaped so it caught my attention.





The bedrooms had been decorated as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ which was a good way of showing the range of products they sell for each but Cherry and Tiger share a room so we’ve had to take more of a unisex approach to things. For girls who are typically girly the pink room would be their idea of heaven though and Cherry sure did have a blast playing in their with Wilf as you can see in the photo below! I absolutely love the pink and turquoise pouffe in the photo below. The Asda wooden toy section is great too, huge range at such good prices. There definitely lots of things in both that I would use in their room.






The kid’s had great fun racing on the rocking horses in the nursery. You can see the Jessica cot bed in the photo too which has drawers at the bottom for storage, a great idea, you can never have enough storage!

george at asda rocking horses


There were lots of bright coloured things in the bathroom and I love the alpaca ornament.


george at asda alpaca ornament



The range of sofas and armchairs that George at Asda sell is brilliant, it might not be somewhere most people think of to buy sofas but they have some amazing ones, I love all the grey and when we upgrade our sofa it will be the first place I look. Another thing I loved was all the knitted products, the knitted pouffes come in a whole range of colours and they were dotted around all over the house. Cherry was drawn to them too, I have a photo of her sitting on nearly every one! I like the white and oak chairs in the photo below and the turquoise armchair too.



george at asda knitted pouffe

george at asda home products

It was Katie’s little girl, LL’s birthday so at the end of the day we all sung her happy birthday and had some cake which was really lovely. Cherry loves any excuse to make a card so she got to work..

george at asda home

Spot the blogger’s children all behaving for the camera! They sat their for ages, definitely well trained 😉 Apart from Tiger who takes after his dad and hates having his photo taken!


We had such a lovely day, thank you to Asda for inviting us 🙂

If you like anything you see in the photos above then you can find it all here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][t_newsletter newsletter_subtitle=”SUBSCRIBE!” newsletter_placeholder=”EMAIL ADDRESS” newsletter_source_url=”http://eepurl.com/bsNWWj”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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