Day of the Dead Glitter Art

I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Day of the Dead themed crafts at the moment.

I recently made these Day of the Dead Hama Bead Designs over on my craft blog and today I have another Day of the Dead craft for you.

day of the dead hama perler beads 3

This month’s craft pack from Bostik and Craft Merrily contained lots of lovely Autumn things as well as some sticky glue dots so Cherry made this little leaf man picture.

Autumn Leaf Art

The sticky glue dots are great and Cherry stuck all of this onto a sheet of foam with them.

The box also contained a glue pen which I’ve never used before. You can draw with it so I decided we should make some Day of the Dead glitter art.

blu tack glue pen

I started by drawing the rough design with a pencil. Then I went over each part with the glue pen and let Cherry shake glitter all over it before tapping the excess off. Half way though I sealed it with a layer of Mod Podge (you can also use watered down PVA glue), this just stopped the glitter from mixing up. At the end I covered it all with a layer of Mod Podge / watered down PVA to stop the glitter falling off everywhere.

day of the dead glitter art

day of the dead glitter art 3

day of the dead glitter art 2

They are really easy to make and you could change the design for different occasions too. In fact Cherry is making pictures using the glue pen and glitter right now!

  1. Vicky

    24 October

    I love Day of the Dead anything, and your glittery pictures are so fun. Ben adores glitter and glitter glue, so I might have to have a go at this with him!

  2. Lori

    24 October

    Ooh I love this glitter art! f is definitely going to want to get his hands on that pen. X

  3. katie albury

    25 October

    These look fab- I love glitter art! The girls I look after would have a field day with the glue pen and glitter, will have to check them out! x

  4. Globalmouse

    26 October

    I am totally obsessed with Day of the Dead too….such a brilliant time of the year!!

  5. Nice, I’m getting more into Day of the Dead too – it seems so much more colourful and exotic than traditional Halloween 🙂

  6. These are fantastic, Jess! So striking! I don’t actually know much about Day of the Dead so I’m going to have to check it out.

  7. Laura

    27 October

    Oh how cute are these Day of the Dead glitter art pieces – my little man looooves glitter glue so this would be perfect for him

    Laura x

  8. Rachael Jess

    31 October

    I love the day of the dead crafts, they really are rather a pretty theme to create.

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