Hot And Sunny Saturday / Rainy Sunday

I’m all over the place with blogging at the moment as we’ve been away so much that I have a backlog of posts waiting to be published yet no idea where to start.

I’m so unorganised and find that when I have lots to do I spend all my time trying to decide what job to start then not actually doing anything.

We got back from Bluestone last Friday so I have some posts coming up about our time there but I haven’t finished editing the photos yet so this is a little post about what we got up to last weekend.

It was Mr C’s birthday on Saturday and luckily it was also one of the hottest days so far this year. We had plans to go and meet some of our old school friends at a village pub in the afternoon and one of my favourite strawberry picking farms was nearby so I thought it would be nice to do that when we were about to arrive we realised it was only May and that there weren’t going to be any to pick yet!


There was a lake nearby though so we stopped off there for a couple of hours instead.








We had such a lovely day, the pub we went to had a garden that was perfect for the kids to just run off and play so we got to chill out in the sun all afternoon.

Then on Sunday it rained all day.

Typical England!!

  1. Lauren

    29 May

    That looks like a lovely place to relax and have an explore. I love Cherry’s hat. She looks so cute in it xx

  2. Jodie

    29 May

    I am really struggling with motivation and have fallen behind in blogging too. Are you going to britmums this year?

  3. Donna

    30 May

    That lake looks like such a beautiful place to stop – I love strawberry picking though, can’t wait until you do go and then write about it! x

  4. Rachel

    31 May

    We’ve promised to take Pip fruit picking this summer. Love Cherry’s hat, by the way. Where did you get it?

  5. Lovely pics. Such a pretty spot/lake. I have been feeling a bit overwelmed with blogging recently too. I feel like if I had one day (after a good night’s sleep) and I could finish all my half-written posts without taking care of the house or the kids, it would help so much. But alas, I have no free days in my future. 🙂

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