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Making The Most Of Your Garage Space

by Jessica Amey

Now there are four of us living in a small house with just two bedrooms it’s starting to feel a bit cramped, we are hopefully going to be moving ASAP to somewhere with some extra space.

It’s not so much an extra bedroom we need as the kids are happy sharing, in fact they won’t go to sleep if the other one isn’t there, but more some extra living / working space.

I work from home and at the moment have a desk in the corner of our dining area which is basically half of our kitchen, there is also a huge tumble dryer in the other corner with just enough room for a table in-between. Then in the living room is my craft storage area so there is another desk with my sewing machine then loads of boxes of yarn /craft supplies.

What we really need is a garage, they are so useful for storage or keeping the washing machine / tumble dryer but there is also so much more you can do with them such as converting them into an extra room.

That room could then be used for many things, a couple of my favourites ideas are a craft studio or gym but I know that Mr C would be desperate to turn it into a workshop, we would definitely need two garages.



This infographic by Evander Garage Doors has some great ideas of things you can do with your garage…


I also love the idea of a games room for the kids when they are older, contain their mess away from the rest of the house! Or on the flip side having a bar in there for adults only…

What would you do with your garage if you could transform it?

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