Little Man at Ten Months

Well as I write this Tiger has just turned eleven months which means there is only four weeks until he turns one.

This doesn’t feel possible, it honestly has been the fastest year of my life.

little man ten months

The biggest breakthrough this month was that he started sleeping through the night. It wasn’t entirely on his own. Things had got so bad, he was waking every 1-2 hours and even if I wasn’t feeding him someone would have to go in and put his music toy on so Mr C was exhausted too.

I had started feeding him downstairs before bed but I read something which said to do it at least 20 minutes before, I did it 30 minutes before just in-case! I also put him to bed without putting his music toy on as he was so dependant on it for falling asleep and from the very first night he slept 6pm-5am!

That was nearly a month ago now and although he has woken on a couple of occasions in the night he goes straight back to sleep again and I haven’t fed him until morning. He usually wakes up early, at about 5am but I then bring him into bed with me and feed him which makes him fall asleep for another hour or two. Having sleep again has been amazing!

He’s still having two naps a day and usually goes down for his first at about 8am due to him waking so early!

He’s been eating lots, he is so much better than Cherry was. I can give him pretty much anything and he will eat it. His favourite things at the moment are pasta with pesto, sweetcorn, rice cakes, cream cheese sandwiches and yoghurt.

He’s just started climbing, he’s obsessed. He can get up on the sofas but hasn’t learnt how to get down safely yet so goes to just face dive off the end. This means I can’t leave him alone for a minute!

I was watching some videos of Cherry the other day who by his age was walking and saying more than 20 words. He can let go of things and stand for a few seconds unaided but I haven’t seen any other signs of him walking any time soon. And he can only say a couple of words: Jesus, hoover and boobs! I don’t think he knows what they mean though, he just repeats them if you say them to him.

Breastfeeding is still going well, apart from an incident where he bit my boob a few weeks ago! It got infected and I needed antibiotics to clear it up, I have honestly never felt pain like it, when he latched on I thought I was going to pass out! Luckily he hasn’t done it again since though.

J ten months

He’s getting to a really nice where there is lots of interaction. He’s been giving kisses for a while when you ask but now he gives cuddles too which is lovely as it’s the only time he lies still for a couple of seconds!

He also tries to feed you things which is so sweet, and holds the phone up to my ear for me to say hello.

He’s obsessed with anything that has wheels, just like his daddy. He will sit there and be entertained for ages by just pushing a bus back and forth!

Sometimes I look at him and see how big he is getting but the rest of the time he still feels very much like a baby, I guess to Cherry he will always seem like a baby, that’s the thing with second children!

  1. Donna

    5 March

    I’ve just been writing T’s 10 month update and can’t get my head round how fast it’s going. I also can’t believe how much of a difference there is between my T and your J in just a month! Climbing, saying words, the kisses and holding the phone up. I know that I’ll be experiencing all of that very soon too!
    Your Little Man is gorgeous! x

    • It does really seem like he has started doing lots this month! I can’t believe he will be walking soon! x

  2. jenny

    5 March

    Lovely post. He is growing up so fast. I just did Missy Moo’s 8 months and thought wow she is so grown up. Look at him just precious. I love the photos, gorgeous eyes!!!! Glad he is sleeping through the night for you and feeding is back on track. I had the same breastfeeding MM it was the most painful thing I ever went through, three different times I got mastitis and infections because she was biting so hard and pulling back. I was devastated to quit but I physically couldn’t handle it anymore, reading your post I am so jealous I wish I would have just took the pain so I could still be feeding her as I fed Buba for a year. At least she got the first 6 months I have to think. YOu are so strong for keeping going. Way to go you!!! 😉

    • Ahh to be honest if he had done it again, and again I honestly might have decided I couldn’t go on! It was so painful! x

  3. Lori

    5 March

    What a lovely post and update. Congrats on the sleep breakthrough, I know how much the lack of sleep can wipe you out. It’s crazy how fast the time flies. Enjoy every bit x

  4. he’s SO CUTE! glad to hear he’s eating well, hopefully he’ll grow into a big strong boy 🙂

  5. My goodness, what amazing eyes! That first picture where you can see all that stuff reflected in them is just gorgeous.

  6. stunning photos! what a difference sleep makes 😉

  7. Awww he’s so cute! Can’t believe they are 11 months. I agree it is such a lovely age, seem so playful and interactive all of a sudden.

    Massively jealous that he now sleeps through though, Caitlyn is a bugger!! Her teeth seem to give her loads of trouble, she cut two last week then finally slept OK for two nights, now has another about to cut so is a nightmare sleeper again. I also genuinely think she just likes to wake and have cuddles. Such a shock to me because Lissy was the best sleeper EVER. Fingers crossed she cracks it soon because I genuinely can’t remember what it is like not to feel knackered all the time!

    L x

    • J has been a nightmare with his teeth! So much worse than Cherry ever was, some days he just cries all day long! Poor things, it must be horrible but it’s hard work! x

  8. fritha

    5 March

    He looks so much like Cherry in the first picture! he’s so cute, congrats on the more sleep that’s fantastic news! xx

  9. I can’t believe he’s going to be one years old. That’s really flown by but I’m really glad he’s starting to sleep. It was around 13 months that Z discovered how great sleep was and now he has lie ins all the time, so I hope J is the same. 🙂

  10. Laura

    5 March

    Oh wow what a journey it has been and it’s always so interesting to hear how different siblings are. We are hoping to have another one in the next year or so and cannot wait – I love your stories about him, his love of wheels and climbing – so funny. So glad for you that he is starting to settle at night – what a relief it must be

    Laura x

  11. aw lovely! Totally sends me back to T at this age, I really loved it! Hooray for the sleeping through as well, must be such a relief, and what a lovely little grin!

  12. Amy

    6 March

    Oh my what a gorgeous little man you have there! Those eyes! I had a boob buying incident recently too OMG it hurt so much! Glad to hear you’re getting some sleep, I think I’ll have to try the feed 30 mins before bed as Rose is up and down all night again 🙁
    Amy xx

  13. mirari

    6 March

    those eyes… are so, so special!

  14. katie

    6 March

    um WOW on the sleep – so pleased for you as i know you have had a bit of a hellish time of it!

    J is totally adorable and its juts crazy how fast it goes the second time round isn’t it! xxx

  15. It really does! Sleep is just the best. Although Cherry has been ill this week and ended up in our bed for half the night so there has been a lack of it again! x

  16. Ah thank you x

  17. Carie

    8 March

    It’s truly amazing how fast that first year goes with the second baby, it feels like you blink and your tiny newborn is seriously into food and trying to throw themselves off furniture (so glad it’s not just my Elma that does that)! He is such a gorgeous little boy, I can’t believe he’s nearly one!

  18. becky

    9 March

    such a relief when they finally sleep

  19. Keri-Anne

    9 March

    Oh my goodness! He is just so sweet!!! Nearly the big 1!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Kerry

    10 March

    Lovely post, he has the most gorgeous eyes!! xx

  21. Camilla - Mummy's Own

    10 March

    Aawww! He is sooo cute!! I have a 13 month old boy and it sounds just like him! He is trying to give me his soother and rabbit when he wants to show some extra love;)
    It’s funny with sleep and food with the little ones..I have three boys and my two older boys have been very fuzzy eaters and quite bad sleepers and me and my husband tried every method there is, but now with our third little one, he has slept through from day 5 without any methods, he is eating EVERYTHING etc….we reckon we were just due an easy one..;) although he is absolutely EVERYWHERE…Take care x

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